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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wavy Borders

Measuring borders, finding the center, easing into (or out of) the quilt will eliminate most any quilt-squaring problems. Exhibit 1 shown below:

Unmeasured border
I know this border was not measured because it hangs off the end and doesn't come to a stop at the side border junction. All the other borders are just like this one. Exhibit 2 shown below:

Waves and Ripples
Looking down the length of this border, there are several waves and ripples as well as a very distinct bowing to the border. This too could have been nearly eliminated had the borders been measured and eased in.

I added a half feather to try to work out the "kinks" within the border, but I have a feeling the binding is going to be tricky. I'm just glad it's not me that has to try to work that aspect of this quilt out.

MJ's Table Cloth
I am torn whether to add some pebbling between each of the feather motifs to make them stand out more. I think I'll let MJ decide that when I take it to her on Thursday.

For as little as this quilt was (only about 50 1/2" square), it took two days to complete. Probably because I was fighting with it most of the way.

Next up, a WIP. I was cleaning out the china hutch (what I use to exhibit family mementos and small quilting things) and found a WIP in there. The beginnings of a few somethings I used as examples during Quilt U a few years back (from the Mosaic Madness class). When I shut down last night at nearly 10:00, here's what I completed for the eating area table.

New Table Runner and Four Placemats
Today I have to load and get started on Vicki's quilt. I was too tired last night to load it and Jim has a long day today which gives me a lot of quality time to spend on it.

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