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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Half Way

While I wasn't too motivated today with the temps being warm and the house trying to stay cool, I still managed to get the middle row done on Star Search; this is the name of our next scrap squad quilt and it's proving to be a little easier then I originally thought when starting this project.

With the blocks on the design wall, it doesn't appear to have the higher contrast I had hoped for but after shooting pics of it, it seems to be okay. I think I've just looked at it too much over the past four days and I'm becoming a little too engrossed in it.

To reward my accomplishment on Star Search, I did two more blocks on Anita's Arrowhead (yet another class I'm taking on Craftsy) and then called it a night. Since the Spartans have their first football game tonight, I'll retire into the family room and work on some hexagons while listening to Caleb and Jim yell at the refs on the TV.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Star Search

Can you see the stars forming as I'm building this quilt? This is our next Quiltmaker Scrap Squad quilt and I can't believe it's already number five. I have a very short deadline to get this top done so I'm feverishly working to make it happen.

I've put all other quilts aside to give this my all and am really enjoying the scrappy creation process of this one. Jim had to temporarily put up a design wall in my new studio. We originally wanted to create a design "space" rather then a wall, but time being what it is as of late, thought we better get at least something up there so I can view my creations while in process.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yep. My blogging life has had the hiccups. Moving, college graduations for the kids, weddings, renovations to the house just moved into. Life.

Now that my studio is up again in the new place here's a pic of where I'll be creating and loving life from now on.
Kinda messy in the pic, but I'm working on five quilts right now. Six if you count the one in the quilt rack. 
I love my new space. I have loads of natural light and the hardwood floors are so much easier to clean threads and fabric bits off of. Not to mention, it's huge! I'm backed up to my design wall taking this pic, and my full-sized desk is there on the right in front of the persian rug. 

It used to be the houses living room but we also have a family room. With the boys all gone, there's only the two of us here most of the time, so I claimed the space as mine. Jim has his big pole barn across the road as well as the garage, so I'm not feeling the least bit guilty. :-)

I was actually able to get in a few small projects through the life-fog, so here's what the last month has permitted me to do. These were started at quilt camp and then completed the week after arriving home. Quilt camp is what actually got me back into my much needed quilting mode again and so I thank all my girlfriends and quilting buddies for reminding me that life is too short and I need to either eat dessert first, or quilt. 

This is actually a re-do. The previous background was too light.

Hexi Mug Rug. Found a pic on the AQS web site and had to replicate. 

Nice little table runner kit I purchased up north at Elm Creek.
The Kaleidoscope quilt top is finished and ready to head off to the quilters. A new baby quilt was made that I call Cheerios. The large block string quilt was finally put together and also ready to head to the quilters. 

Currently I'm working on learning how to hand quilt. I have the first quilt loaded on my new quilt rack (thank you local thrift store for that amazing find), but have yet to put a stitch in it. The reason? A very short deadline on my next Scrap Squad quilt is bringing my focus on that (so instead I'm sitting here blogging; makes sense, right?). 

And, as I mentioned above, I have five other quilts in the works right now. I swear I'm a Craftsy addict. I'm making a few Anita's Arrowhead blocks to see what I come up with. I have Piccadilly Circles nearly bordered from the previous issue of Quiltmaker. I have a charity quilt for the VA in piles of blocks. There is a mystery quilt in blocks via an Amy Gibson/Craftsy collaboration ready to go on the design wall. And, after attending the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids a few weeks ago, have a little zippered-purse thing sitting there waiting for me to get brave enough to tackle (zippers are a lot like sewing, which we all know, I don't do). 

It's great to be back into my creative mode. Summer is winding down and grandma was right when she would say, "As you get older the time goes so much faster." I'm ready for the bugs to go away, for the cooler temps to befall us, and for the steady hum of my machines to sing along with Pandora on the computer. Life is so good!