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Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Little, Two Little, Three Little...

...Bags? I ended my night making another bag for camp. It looks exactly like the previous nights' work.

I think I'm on a WIP obsession. I can't seem to stay away from those shelves and wanting to get them cleaned off. I look at my pile of items I really want to start, but can not bring myself to starting something new until I get these other things finished.

Here's something else that was hanging around here for a while (about two years I'd say).

Another WIP 
This was a fabric panel (I believe) donated by Cathy VM (I think) that I started turning into blocks. The blocks just hung around doing nothing until yesterday. This is what I ended up with in the early evening.

Prior to that I quilted that little wall hanging from a few days ago. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take it tonight to our meeting to rip out some of the quilting I don't like.

Yesterday morning I worked some more on Night Stars and am down to my last row. I won't get to work in here today because:

I have a few quilts to drop off to the HH for Audrey to pick up
I have to get gas
I have to stop by Crusty Stitches (LOL) and test drive a Juki
Then off to Portland for Stitcher's Garden II prep/planning session.
From there it's back to the HH to pick out some batting and other materials, and
Then off to our weekly guild meeting and to drop off Vicki's quilt too (as well as other items to Katie and Betsy).

Wow, for not working in my studio I'm sure going to do a lot of quilt-like things.

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