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Monday, April 29, 2013

Charity #1 and UFO Weekend

I think I was supposed to work on the Falling Charms quilt this weekend, but that didn't happen. Instead I looked around my sewing room during the week and decided I needed to get some house cleaning done. Not the dusting and vacuuming kind, but the unfinished objects kind gathering dust in my pile of quilts.

When I tackle such projects, I usually start with the smallest task first. This way I feel a sense of accomplishment and it gets the blood going.

This cute little quilt was the result of a Craftsy class titled "Doing Big Things with Small Scraps" or something like that. This is called Dolly and she now sits on my living room table.

The next project was this little table topper which is now underneath the Andrew and Laura shrine I've put on our dining room table in honor of their wedding. It goes well with all the purple and green from their wedding colors.

The third project was this larger table topper. The idea was from a Youtube video with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company I viewed way back last fall. I purchased a hexagon template from them because of it and this was my first stab at using it.

My mom purchased this pattern for me at Christmas and while it wasn't a small project, I finally finished it up on Friday. I had been working on it since January and during our sew-in last weekend, was able to complete the rest of the blanket stitching around the animals. It's not yet quilted, but I wanted to show it off anyway. I know, I know, that goes against all my rules, but sometimes you just gotta throw out the rules.

I call this little guy the Happy Caterpillar. It will be a donation quilt for our local Siren chapter. Linda had the charm squares and strips cut for me and after I put them together, it wasn't very "kid-like". While I was working on the top, she gave me the circles to do something else with. The guild members came up with this caterpillar idea and I finished the binding Friday night.

That's about it for now. I did sew a few fabric books on Sunday as well as a new sun dress for what will hopefully be a nice summer this year. I'll share those on a later post since I've rambled on way too long now as it is. Until next time...happy quilting!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Truly, I have been busy!

Has it been a month? That's what weddings, car accidents, and volunteering gets you...a whole lot of busy! But have no fear, I still find time to putz around with my quilting.

Here is/are the first project(s) since returning from California. These are for a co-worker of Jim's who requested a layette set for their impending niece due at the end of the month.

The pillowcase and the frog pics didn't come out so well. I need to remember not to photograph underneath my planning table lights. Too yellow! But they actually match the quilt from above and these will be mailed out soon hopefully. I still have to quilt the quilt top and have that on schedule for this weekend.

The next project has been ongoing since before the wedding. I started the arcs prior to leaving and then finished up the borders last week.

The goal was to have a second quilt to take the place of Radiance since a quilt should only be hung for about six months. Radiance was taken down at Christmas and the current piece in its place needs to be changed out since it reeks of the long past holiday.

The problem I have with this quilt is getting it quilted. I don't want to ruin it and in all honesty, am not comfortable putting this size quilt under my machine. I took it to guild last week to get some advice and Dale Waddle was very helpful in her suggestions.

Alicia is going to Minnesota soon and so maybe if I get it to her prior to her leaving, I can get it back either just before she takes off or shortly after she gets back. Until I make some decisions, it's been added to the pile of other quilt tops down on the piano. I think I'm nearing 40 now.