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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello from Australia

Obviously, I'm not in Australia, but the little kid is and we were able to Skype with him last night! He's doing very well and has already done so much in his 10 days studying abroad. And even though he's there to learn, experience, and make new memories, he still finds time to tap into moms blog and catch up with what I've been up to. I have great kids!

BOD's were done first yesterday.

Days 13 and 14
I viewed a few placemat videos during lunch and found a few I'd like to do from a lady in Tecumseh, Michigan. However, I didn't do any of those because I knew they would take longer then I was willing to spend for my time yesterday. I'll do those in a few days.

I've been spinning an idea around in my head for a few weeks now. This is kind of where I'm headed.

First Run
This is my first run through my idea. It's block #1 of the Farmer's Wife, quilted instead of pieced. I used some junky thread in all but the pebble area (reason for junky looking quilting in all but the pebble area), but you get the idea.

If I decide to go ahead with this, I'll have to purchase the lot of correct threads I need, but I'm still bouncing this around.

I moved along to finishing Stitcher's Garden-Bright Colorway-HURRAY!!!

Stitcher's Garden Completed
Next up on DW was Barb's charity quilt. Jim worked a little later then expected last night so I was able to actually snap this pic prior to him arriving home. It's already quilted and I'll take it off this morning prior to heading to class/guild today.

Charity quilt for Barb S.
Stitcher's Garden class is in a few hours. Guild after that. Not much going to happen in here today I'm afraid, but at least the temps are warming (a bit) out there so it won't be so frigid when we go.

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