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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday Hiccups

Because the holiday season is ever hectic, blogging was put on the back burner.

This was given to my dad's wife Charlotte on Christmas Eve.

Charlotte's Quilt
Four days commenced without even stepping into the studio and so yesterday was catch-up on BOD day. It took all afternoon! Here are last week's blocks.

December 21-27
Next week will be my last posting for the BOD blocks and there will only be four since we are nearing completion. I can't believe it's already been a year since I started and what a learning experience as well as a very gratifying project it's been.

I've found a few 'block of the week' quilts I would like to do in the upcoming 2017 year. One is from the same lady who hosted our BODs this year, Kathryn Kerr from Australia. The second is being hosted by Amy Gibson, who did the Craftsy BOM for 2012 and 2013, but I have to purchase a book to do that one and will have to find it before beginning the series, which is very soon (next week I believe).

First Dolly Quilt
I wasn't done in the studio last night quite yet (withdrawal I think) and completed this dolly top for my December challenge (thank you Katie for pushing me on this). I'll get it quilted out at camp in a few weeks, if not before, and then will have to find one to do for January (another camp quest).

I hope everybody had as good a holiday as they possibly could. I know some of my friends out there did not have a very enjoyable time (quite a few in the hospital themselves, or with loved ones), but our thoughts and good wishes were with them even if we couldn't be with them physically.

We still have some festivising to do (Saturday and then two weekends after that) with family who could not be with us last weekend, but the season shouldn't just be designated to one day. I propose we implement the good cheer and joyfulness throughout the whole year. Who's with me?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

On, Off; On, Off; On

This quilt was on the frame yesterday morning, and then off just before lunch.

Susan's Wrestling Quilt
Here's a little detail I put into the quilt for her. 

Eaton Rapids Wrestler Quilt
Then this quilt was on the frame...

Betty's Reverse Applique
Before I left for work, it was done and taken off. Betty just wanted me to baste it up for her so she could hand quilt it during the oncoming months. 

Now I have another quilt on the frame. 
Charlotte's Quilt
This is today's project. I loaded it right after Susan and Caroline came to pick up her wrestling quilt, and before I did today's BOD. 

I'm supposed to be in Portland for a Stitcher's Garden II class later today but am going to defer (again) this month. I have quilt camp coming up in January and maybe I can get the past two months caught up while there?!? The quilt above needs to be quilted by the end of today and then bound and wrapped before I head off to work tomorrow. Christmas pressure....gotta love it. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I'm rethinking my blog. I don't know that too many people actually read it, but on the other hand, I write it basically for myself. It's a way for me to keep track of my quilting progress and what exactly is going on in my studio.

But, for the next year (at least), I have this stupid job thing outside of the home and my postings are becoming quite erratic. Sometimes I work several days in a row and the studio work becomes virtually nil. The other days I just play catch up on what I have to do for other folks. I'm asking myself if I should continue?

I think I'll make a decision before the year comes to a close. Meanwhile, I'll post up what I can and decide from there.

Here are last weeks BOD's (that I should have posted yesterday).

December 14-20
I got a bee in my bonnet (or rather, an icicle in my hat given our latest weather) and decided my dad's new wife needed a quilt for Christmas. I received a Tunga fat quarter pack for testing blocks over the summer for the Quiltmaker 100 Quilt Blocks Vol. 14 issue. There was a very simplistic pattern included and I thought maybe she would like her own couch quilt. I started that last night.

We are meeting them on Saturday for that side of our Christmas (ahhh...the holiday festivities begin). Can I do it? In my head I can, so we'll see if my time management skills are still holding on.

I have a four hour shift later today at work and another long shift on Friday afternoon. I have a customer coming to pick up a quilt this morning. daily blocks to complete as well as a customer basting job to load, baste, and then unload before I can get the Christmas present onto the frame. Ready. Set. Quilt!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not Quilting, but...

Even though this isn't a quilting project, it's still something I've been working on since Friday. A new hat and scarf for my heavy, green winter coat. Since temps today remain in the teens with wind gusts being pretty nasty, I'll certainly put them to good use going to and from work this afternoon.

New Hat and Scarf
Jim and I were able to get the bulk of our Christmas shopping done yesterday, which meant I didn't get much done in here. Today will be much of the same. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more productive?