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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

After watching/listening to a dismal football game last night, we ring in the new year shortly after. It was 12:18 before Jim and I realized it was actually the new year. No bubbling grape juice. No bells. No noise makers. Just a peaceful night on the porch listening to the quietness of the evening. It was nice.

Once I returned yesterday afternoon I couldn't wait to get in here and start some more Farm Girl blocks. Jim came in and kept me company while I constructed three of them, so I though it only fair I accompany him in his game watch. I just listened while playing on my iPad.

Here are the three blocks completed yesterday.

Cool Threads, Corn and Tomatoes, and Country Crossroads
We thought Jim had the remainder of the weekend off, but he received a call this morning that he was needed so he'll be leaving after lunch to go grab a trailer. I'll long arm and work some more on these farm girl blocks. I love, love, love this quilt!

A few other notes.

1) I'm attending a quilt retreat next weekend. I. Can't. Wait! Four days of sewing, sewing, sewing with people who don't drool or whine!

2) I'm looking at trading in Laura for a new machine. Why? Because Laura is a high-end computerized machine I should not be dragging around to camps and monthly sew-ins. I have two high-end machines and my Janome is preferred over my Brother.

I'm looking at a more industrial-type machine with a few bells and whistles, but nothing garish or overly sensitive to being moved around a lot. I really, really, really want a Bernina, but the cost is prohibitive. The overall purchase price for a smaller Bernina machine exceeds what I'll receive for a trade-in on Laura, AND the additional feet needed are expensive: $50 on average per foot. After researching all the many machines out there, have pretty much decided on a Juki; 400 or 600 model. Affordable and very workable.

Here's my have one before leaving for camp on Thursday morning. Since today is New Years Day, nobody is open. Jim has to work tomorrow morning, so maybe I'll buzz down to Jackson to take a looksie. Sunday follows and again, nobody is open. I'll be putting some milage on that new vehicle of mine to see what I can come up with before leaving. Challenge accepted!

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