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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Set. Go!

In the back of my head, I really, really, really wanted to come home to have Stitcher's Garden at least quilted out. I didn't know if it was possible given all the thread changes still needed and 1/3 of the quilt yet to go, including those last five borders.

14...count them...14 baby!

It's quilted! It's quilted! It's quilted! I still have a lot of embellishments to do (yo-yo's, buttons, etc.), but we'll do that when I return home.

I was even able to 1) Do a block in Farm Girl Vintage, and,
2) Do my BOD
Today's BOD
I'm posting this tonight because I'll be gone for four days. Perhaps Sunday night (after unpacking) I can include all the wonderful (hopefully) goings-on from quilt camp in Gladwin. Now I must finish packing!

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