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Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogs and Facebook Pages

If you take the time to read the "good" stuff out there in cyberspace, a lot can be learned. For instance, a lady in my New Long-Armers FB site suggested loading the backing onto your frame first before even pressing it. After getting it loaded, spritz sections that have wrinkles with water to remove the wrinkles rather then taking the time to iron the backing on an ironing board (or table in my case). I decided to give it a try first thing yesterday morning.

Getting out the Wrinkles
Here's the problem. It takes a lllooonnnggg time to do this. First you spritz, then you wait to dry. Then you roll. Spritz. Wait. Repeat.

As you can see, as of this morning, Night Stars is still on the design wall and not on the frame.

I like her idea, but this is Michigan, I have a rather humid house, and drying takes forever. While waiting for the backing to dry for Night Stars, I had to remove the marks on my Caterpillar with water also after I got the rest of my appliqué work, free motion work, and channel work done. I decided to block it while removing marks and after this morning, discovered two more marks that had to be sprayed (again). Here is how I'm blocking this one.

Blocking the Caterpillar
Two items waiting to dry yesterday. I completed my daily BOD (pics tomorrow of the past week), and moved along to my WIP shelves. This is my Sunday goal until completed. No more new projects on Sunday. I need to clean off my WIP shelves and decided for sew-ins and Sundays, I'm going to tackle this task.

Here's yesterdays feat.

Two New Pillows
These are leftover fabrics from the Twirly quilt. These were found in the corner of one of the WIP shelves. Jim sorted fabrics for me while I put them together. I would have gotten more done yesterday, but Aunt June stopped by for a while and Caleb Skyped from Australia (Hi Caleb!).

Since Jim left for work earlier then usual today, I'll jam in here on "drying" things from yesterday.


  1. I had to eliminate a 1/2" around the perimeter to make them fit my 18" pillow forms correctly, and the back is remnants of the front pieces too, so they look really scrappy back there. Most all of the fabric from our endeavor is nearly gone; gotta love upcycling.