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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Did you think I forgot about ya?

With the coming of autumn comes the dreaded leaf detail. We spend hours raking, blowing, mulching, and hauling our leaves every year and this year is no exception. More work I think since our huge red oak tree dropped most of its leaves this past week-earlier then previous years.

Because we have the leaves to deal with, less is done in the quilting studio. Not good! However, I have managed to fit in a few small projects here and there. None worth publishing here today since none of them have been quilted as of yet.

I am once again on the Quiltmaker test block team for volume seven. My first three blocks were completed today while Jim blew the last of the leaves away from the house. It had been nearly three days since my visit downstairs so it was time to get back into the swing of things.

I'm working on a large queen top with great fall colors and a modern circle pattern. I did a small circle pattern quilt similar to this one using some charm squares with a Christmas theme a few weeks ago. I've also fit in a few small Christmas projects (wall hangings and table runners) into my brief studio visits but that's about it.

One other thing that I do take time for is knitting. I started a class about three weeks ago to learn to knit. I'm loving the quiet time at night to be able to do something productive rather then just hangin' out here on the web. I quit my leaf/quilting stuff around 8 or 9 o'clock and then come up and slip in a Disney movie to listen to while I clackety-clak away with my knitting needles.

Until next time, and hopefully I'll have some completed projects to publish...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

VA Quilt is History

The ugliest quilt I've ever made is this very one. Fortunately, a lucky (or unlucky) VA will receive it for Veterans Day this year in November. This is what we did during our sew-in a few Friday's back. I know it'll keep some lucky recipient warm because while I was finishing the binding at quilt guild tonight it was certainly keeping my lap warm!

Did a one day project yesterday from a finished quilt I saw online. I decided to take my designing skills to the next level and drafted the pattern out. I then did a few test squares and found that it wasn't all that hard. I don't know what I'll call this one yet, but it looks like a drop of water hit the pond and now the rings are leaving the center. Picture to come when completed.

Today I worked on my Craftsy block of the month blocks and they actually turned out pretty awesome. They were paper pieced (my fav) and so we got along much better then the drunkards path from last month. I discovered curves are not my forte.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two for Tue

I decided to do some smaller projects (again) for the fall time because we don't have many autumn decorations around the house. I remember as a young girl when my then step-mom used to decorate the house/apartment to the nines with her holiday trimmings. Now that that boys are out of the house and I have the time, I want to do the same thing.

I made a cute little table topper on Monday and then finished it yesterday. I then decided to utilize the half hexi template I had ordered from Missouri Star Quilt Company and try out my hand at that with some of the scraps I picked up from the yard sale the week prior.

This template was very forgiving and the blocks went together relatively easy.


Still not posting as often as I should, but honest, I've been busy making stuff, and going to guild meetings, and going to shows, and, and, get the idea.

Anyway, since our last visit, I have completed ten little birds to hang on branches near the front door. They are so cute and you can't help but smile when you walk into the house and see them.

The ASQ guild (Across the Square Quilters) in Charlotte has had me very busy. I volunteered to complete a baby quilt for a local charity called Siren. We did a Friday and Saturday Sew-In to make lap and bed quilts for the VA's in Battle Creek. Mine is about 100 stitches away from being done and I'll take it tomorrow night.

I utilized my half hexy template from Missouri Star Quilt Company and created a cute little lap quilt top just to see how the template worked. I have nearly completed a small and medium sized Christmas wall hanging and have also delved into a larger, self designed (kind of) coffee cup quilt made with scraps and yardages I procured from a yard sale over Frontier Days. This last project is on-going and will probably take a few weeks longer since I only work on it between all other projects.

Also from Missouri Star was a binding tool I've tried out now three times and what a blessing!!!! No more bulky binding ends and a huge time saver! Invest in one if you're serious about quilting!

Craftsy posted up the last of the two blocks in their series. In November we'll be sashing, bordering and piecing our quilt top together. December will be show and tell time for all of our completed projects. The TRR guild (in Hastings) received a snowball block for the 10 1/2 inch we donate each month and I received an honorable mention from last months elder care facility contest for my donated wall hanging.

What else? I did not receive the Treasurer position at TRR which is probably just as well. I think driving over there is going to be too much for me to deal with in crappy weather and honestly, January's meeting is now cancelled therefore I will actually only have had access 10 of the 12 months of my paid membership.

I have yet to obtain a long arm. The "Christmas" quilt was then added to the pile to be quilted since it's really too big to get under my machine. I've tried. Honestly, I have. But even the baby quilt was difficult to quilt and I seem to, no matter how well I baste and am careful while quilting, get a pucker or two under the damn thing. So, last count, the pile is at 20 tops.

Until next time!