Think about this.....

...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


We have some surprise visitors coming to see us this weekend. I can't divulge who it is as of yet, because, well, they want it to be a surprise. But I found out anyway. But I can't share. But I really want to. But I can't.

Anyway. My house should probably be cleaned, but ya know, I think they are coming to see us and not my house, and that's just how it is.

I did get those shelves in the studio cleaned off like I wanted to. Does that count as cleaning?

A little better
I found a plethora of things to work on (16 WIPs) and now everything is organized. I'm so glad I took the three hours to take care of this because it was the last of my to-do's in reestablishing the studio.The number of orphan blocks I found was astounding and I'll have to work on getting those into another quilt during the next sew-in.

The newsletter is completed. I'll send it out just before I leave for our meeting tonight.

Since I have two more weeks to work on stuff before DW returns, maybe the shelves above can be cut down somewhat. I'll see where my creativity takes me today and decide what to complete as the mood strikes.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Late Start

My day is starting in here about eight hours later then normal. Had to meet mom in Lansing so her car could get new tires. While she was at a class between the tire change, I ran around town. One of my stops was to Gall to check out the RxR they received.

Jason was there (which he usually isn't on Wednesdays) and since the shop was slower then normal, were able to chat a bit about DW.

Handi Quilter decided to do a complete overhaul on the machine. It's a long story, but to complete the overhaul, they needed the handle bars (which weren't initially shipped with the machine) sent to them and those went out yesterday. This puts us out another two weeks before he returns. From what I learned today, my machine will be nearly new when I finally get it back.

Since it's so late already today, I'm going to tackle this after I get my BOD done.

WIP Shelves

These need to be organized more then they currently are. I have to dig around when looking for something in there and another one of my stops was to Hobby Lobby where they had cute boxes on sale. This is my mission for the day.

I also need to proof and print the newsletter off for the guild. I should be able to hand those paper copies out tomorrow instead of having to mail them to the folks who are not on the tech side of life yet. Row by Row is now at The Hen House. I was the first one in so I get to shop for 25 fat quarters when I find something to use them in. Like last year, I received a $25 gift certificate for use on the store any way I would like to use it. Happy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And Approaching the Wire...

...RxR 2016.

Apparently there have already been two confirmed winners from Michigan, and one unconfirmed. These are at other stores within the state and not the Charlotte area. Hopefully today, I'll be #3 or 4. I didn't leave the studio last night until 11:11. Was I every tuckered out. The label still needs to be attached and then it'll be ready to go!

Row by Row Label
Amongst the RxR activities, BOD activities still needed to occur. Yesterday's was another simplistic block, so out of the last seven days, only one was taxing.

June 22-28
We have received word on DW's situation thus far. They (Handi Quilter) have rebalanced the machine, but indicated it only took care of about 75% of the noise issue. They feel like there is a bearing going bad in there. Jason gave them the go-ahead to make the machine "like new" again. It may be heading back as early as the end of the week. Communication is a good thing.

Did I mention Campbell's Folk Art School? Or, Art Prize? While all this RxR stuff has been happening, I've neglected to mention these really cool items.

Mom and I are going to the Campbell's Folk Art school the week before Labor Day. She's taking a painting class and I'm (of course) taking a quilting class. My instructor: Pepper Cory!

Art Prize: Christine entered the Pepperdish I quilted for her into the Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids later this fall. We found out midweek last week it was accepted and she is in the show!

Mom is heading over this morning to register for another trip she's taking later in September along the Oregon coast. After she gets done with that, I think I'll run in and submit my quilt. I'm wondering whether I'm going to tackle this again next year?!? It sure was a long week, but it was great to have a fixed goal and some power quilting to do.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bee in my Bonnet

After I created the binding, the label, and the backing for RxR, we went to mom's for our visit. We had a very delightful walk through some of her fields and a wonderful bowl of ice cream; the perfect way to spend a warm, summer Sunday. When we returned home and I took a look around my studio, I made an "executive" decision. Let's move it around.

I have six quilts sitting in queue waiting to be quilted. When DW returns home, I'm going to be doing an awful lot of long arming and two of the quilts have a lot of thread changes. The previous arrangement to get to the back of the machine was dreadful. This is what we ended up with two and a half hours later.

The new studio layout
I love the usefulness this has to it. I pieced my BOD after all the dust settled and I got everything put back to rights. It works the best so far and I love how we decided to position my sewing desk to be able to look out the front windows.

DW, as you can see, is back to his old spot. He seemed to like it there better anyway (no problems with him when he was there before) and this will provide the needed space to get around him from all sides.

I'm going to straight-line stitch the RxR quilt today. I don't have the excitement to take it into Gall to do it there. And, I'd just as soon it be locally displayed where I can visit the quilt more often. If The Hen House already has a winner submitted by tomorrow, then I'll take it to Sweet Bees. Either way, it's going to be close by for everybody to enjoy over the next four or so months.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

And Coming Down the Homestretch... appears that the RxR 2016 is on it's way to victory!

The Top
I worked until around 9:15 last night so I could post the completed top today. I need a long arm!!!!! This puppy would be done today and ready to deliver tomorrow if I did. I miss DW!!!!!!!!

I wasn't too sure about this one, and quite honestly, the pic doesn't do it justice. It looks much (very much) better in person. Truly! It's so bright and cheery hanging out here in the studio and I have found I actually like this one better then last years given my first impression of it while it was under construction.

Since I can't do much with this today, Jim and I are going over to moms for a visit. This will give me a little breather away from the project and give me a chance to gear up for the next phase of completion. I will cut my binding and make the label this morning, but that's about all I'll do.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. The BOD gods have been with me this week thus far. Only one tricky one to deal with and the rest have been rather simplistic. Hurray!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

And in the Backstretch...

...with only one more row to go, here's the progress thus far.

All but Friends Quilt Basket is here
I would be worried about the "brights" versus "not brights" play in rows, but Friends is pretty muted too so I think I'll have to work those in between the colorful rows. It should be a challenge to get these all together without looking like a jumbled mess. Which will be later today.

Last year I believe I placed an aqua color in between rows to incorporate the license plates (which aren't even a factor yet) and provide some visual breaks. This year I feel like white is going to be our in-between color. Although, Bee's may be lost in white. What other color would look well to separate and fill in on these? Thoughts? Please share!!

I know some of the rows are much wider then others, and that's okay. That's where the filler comes in. A few of the rows were specifically built large so I could cut them down if needed. Oh, and that ugly blue patch above the four log cabins blocks is going to have the state of Michigan put into it, I just haven't applied it yet in case the row ends up going horizontal instead of vertical.

Gotta get back to it!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Not Much to Report

Even though class took up most of yesterday, work on the RxR still happened. After arriving to the HH, papers were removed from row #4 (Yards of Fabric paper pieced houses) and the phonebook pages were removed from row #1 (The Hen House appliqué).

After completing the BOD work this morning, RxR will continue again. Rounding the half-way point of building rows should be a doable goal for the day.

While it seems like building the rows is most of the work, this is very untrue. Building the rows is the easy part. Putting the rows together in a pleasant manner is where the real work begins. Think about it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Around the First Turn...

...we have The Hen House, Sweet Bee's Fabrics, and Kean's of Mason.

Bee's on the left, The Hen House on top, and Keans below
Coming up on the outside is Yards of Fabric.

Yards of Fabric
All the houses are paper pieced, but still need to have the paper removed. The Hen House row actually needs to have the phonebook paper removed too and I'll do both of those today between class and guild.

Stitcher's Garden II is in a few hours and since I was a late riser today, it'll be all I can do to get ready for that and get the BOD completed before having to leave.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And...They're Off...

From the starting gate we have eight row by row kits.

Eight Little Kits Waiting
Yesterday's route was as follows:

First stop, Lake O. Nice place, decent kit price.
Second stop, Gall Sewing. Again, decent price.
Third stop, Country Stitches. O.M.G! $34 later (after purchasing the license plate and buttons).
Fourth stop, Okemos. O.M.G. again! $25 later (with NO license plate or buttons). And, I'll never go there again. What a hole! This is the place where the lady charges $80 to quilt a queen-size quilt. I figured out why when I was there. She ONLY does pantos and uses Overlock serger thread purchased from JoAnn's in the quilts. Really? REALLY? Betty needs to stop going there!

At this point, my budget had taken a rather surprising hit. Thankfully, Mason (Yards of Fabric first and then on to Keans) and Charlotte (Bee's first, then the HH) were priced correctly and I only went over budget a little.

I still hadn't did my BOD when I finally returned home around 6:30 last night. I quickly did that and then started digging right in. I have one row with total appliqué (the HH) and since it's the most time consuming, I started there. I got everything cut out and pressed on.

The First Row
I'll get it blanket stitched this morning before the BOD comes in around 10. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Row by Row Day!

In just a little bit I'll be heading out to hit the roads. Eight quilt shops in the greater Lansing area have been selected to be in my 2016 RxR quilt. Actually, it's the convenience of their locations and not so much their designs that persuaded me (again) this year.

Most of the rows are a lot more intense then last year, and most of them have about the same feel to them. This years theme is Home Sweet Home so most of them have a house or something related to home within their row. It didn't matter where I actually obtained the row because they are all similar to me. Maybe mom will think otherwise since she's accompanying me around the countryside today.

Here's what I did yesterday while preparing for the RxR week ahead.

June 15-21
Isn't that tan/white one insane?

One of our new members (Megan) is collecting heart blocks for the shooting victims in Florida. I made four, but had only planned on two. The first two are before I actually read the directions. I don't know if they can be used or not. I'll give them to Megan to see if they can. If not, she can recycle them, or whatever.

Hearts for Florida
I've also discovered that when I take pics with my phone, it sends the original pic I take to my iCloud rather then the pic after it's been edited. I think this is silly. Why doesn't it send the edited pic since I save over the original anyway? I'll have to figure that one out I guess.

I roughed in the newsletter for the guild yesterday only to discover the two MJ documents got eaten somewhere. They were NOT in my email where I left them and despite my trying to recover them, had no luck. MJ had to resend them to me (talk about feeling very unprofessional and stupid), but their printed out now and it's all okay.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Just a Memory

After almost seven months, here it is.

Lana's Memory Quilt
When my friend Jane arrived on Saturday morning to pick this up, I was just setting in the last of the binding. When I finally got it off the tables and spread it out onto the floor, she was so moved, tears were very abundant. She was so very happy.

It makes it worth all the effort put into one of these large projects when you get the hug(s) and continuous "thank-you's" from the recipient. I never want to do another one, but it was worth the time to see my long time friend truly embrace and enjoy the work I put into it with her tears and smiles.

Peggy is on her way over this morning for a little computer assistance and I'll be working on my paint chip challenge today after she departs. I have to clean off the design wall to prepare for Row by Row.

I thought I would be traveling farther for my rows this year, but after researching who had what for their rows, I can make it work with all the quilt shops in our little corner of Michigan. I have 10 shops I'll be visiting tomorrow and then about all I'll be doing for the next week is Row by Row planning, building, construction, quilting, binding, and labeling--all just for the fun of it.

As I close my blog for the day, I can't help but glance up at the pic above and feel so many emotions. I'm overjoyed at Janes reaction, but I'm sad too. It'll be missed hanging around here for me to work on something else within it, but I know Janes daughter will cherish the memory of her baby girl surrounded by it.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sore Hands

My hands are becoming sore from all the stitching I've been doing. It's not arthritic by any means, but using muscles repeatedly that aren't used in that way is the cause.

Today will be much of the same. Nine hours yesterday in the sub-studio hardly put a dent in all the articles of clothing I have to stitch on. Some of them are much harder then others and take a little maneuvering to get stitched in.

And, of course, I decide to do all of this when the temps outside are very warm. We have no air and this quilt is very warm, so periods of cooling off and washing sweaty hands are needed.

Back to the spare bedroom (now, the sub studio) for more stitching fun.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hand Stitching

I haven't been taught the finer points of hand stitching. Most of what I've learned I've gleaned from the internet. However, my hand stitching abilities are ever increasing due to all that I'm putting into this memory quilt. Where to pin, how to tie off, how to begin. Things most laymen don't even think about.

Hand Stitching
Here's an example. I'm having to turn under the parts I cut and then stitch down the fabric onto the actual quilt top with invisible stitches. Lot's of thread changes here as well which requires a lot of starts and stops; similarly like long-arm quilting.

Yesterday, prior to going in to work on the memory quilt, I finished this little bag.

My little travel bag
Mom got me one of those adult coloring books for Christmas and I purchased fine-point sharpies to work in it with. I needed a bag to carry everything around in with some sort of semblance and I think I'll make another few of these for the grandkids when they are a little older.

After doing my daily block, the remainder of today will be spent in the sub-studio working under an intense light, hand stitching pieces down. While I'm doing all this stitching I can't help thinking just how in the world I'm going to get the binding on this monster???? I may have to take it Friday to sew-in so it can be spread out over a few tables rather then trying to wrestle the bulk on my little sewing space.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Late Run

Jim had another late pick up time last night so I found myself immersed in the studio until well after 10:00. I. Had. A. Blast.

Here's what happened yesterday:

June 6-14
See that block in the middle, top? 128 pieces baby!

After working on the daily block I put the rest of the blocks together for the paint chip challenge. Here's a peek.

Paint Chip Peek
See what I mean about all the pins in the design wall?

Since I haven't done a small project Sunday thing in a while, and after picking up some chalk board fabric at Around the Block last week, I made this.

Fun, huh?
And then while searching for something else to do with my chalk board fabric, I came across something like this, and of course, I had to make that too.

Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?
I started on one last project before closing up shop, and this is a glimpse of it.

More tomorrow
This is what I closed the shop up with last night and so we'll post the entire piece when I finish it later.

I need to get started on the hand sewing for the memory quilt. I avoided it yesterday because we were washing sheets after the kids left. Needless to say I'll be in there today. Onward, ho!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Quiet House (again)

I need to know why time with family always seems to fly? We had a houseful all weekend and it was simply a crazy busy couple of days. Now the house breaths a sigh and we resume our regular lives.

Fortunately for Jim and I, it's planting, weeding, tending, and harvesting season. It seems the berries are starting to come on and before you know it, he'll be starting our jams and jellies for the year.

Because of the chaos of the weekend, NO time was spent in the studio (except to chase Tristan out of it because of all the pins I have holding up the paint chip challenge on the design wall).

Needless to say, this will be short.

Here are all 29 bags (did I say I needed 38 previously? It was supposed to only be 28).

Ready to go to camp
Here's the pic of last weeks Stitchers Garden block. I have mastered the fringe/taylor tacking foot!

Stitchers Garden I
I was able to catch my BOD's up last night after the last person finally left. I think I need to work on the memory quilt this week and get my studio back to normal since it seems to be the dumping grounds when everybody comes to visit; it gets pretty messed up in here, and for now, that seems like just enough to do after our nutty weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flux Capacitor Fluxing...

...and check. Quilt fairy projects are nearly complete. Jim is doing the insertion of the drawstrings, and he only has a dozen or so left to finish. He's an absolutely wonderful helper!

I had a bit of project interruptus when mom called and said she needed to take the Saturn in again for repairs. I had to run over and pick her up from the shop, and then of course, we were only a few miles from Mooville and just had to stop to get an ice cream cone. And, then we visited for a while when we returned back to her farm. Four hours later bag construction finally commenced.

I came out of the studio around 8:30 but there are now 29 bags traveling to quilt camp in August. Hurray!

Stitchers Garden class is today. Margaret will not be taking me since she has a service to attend so it'll be a solo day for me.

I need to find something to bring to do between class and guild. Perhaps I'll finish any homework I may have at The Hen House when I return back into town. I'll have my machine, so why not, right?

Gotta get packing and complete my BOD before I do anything else and then we'll see what I come up with for afterwards.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sweat Shop Sewing Part 2

Today will be a continuation of yesterday. I worked on the quilt fairy projects after completing yesterday's BOD (which, by and by, took me over two hours to complete...77 pieces in a 6 1/2" block). Here's what the aftermath of yesterday's work looks like.

Some of the bags
The bodies are constructed, as well as the strings for the openings. The linings will be inserted today, topstitching and channels will follow after that, and then Jim will insert the strings when he returns home later today or tomorrow. At least, that's the plan for the day.

Still no word on the long arm. Jason is not in the shop today so a call will be made tomorrow to see what's up with the machine.

Speaking of long arming, there was a post this morning regarding long arming charges. After reading through the various comments on said post, somebody commented as follows: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

It seems most people ask me, "How much would you/do you charge to quilt a quilt?" Shouldn't they ask about my quality of quilting before asking about price?

It takes about six hours to quilt a small quilt. 8 for a medium, and over 10 for anything larger then a double size top. Folks don't realize we have to press the tops and backs (even if they are already pressed because after 10 minutes of folding, there are creases that need to come out). We have to load the quilt, square it, baste it, all before quilting can even commence.

Are we not even worth what works out to about $10/hour since I am actually skilled labor and this is unskilled labor prices?

Another person commented something about the cost of our machines (mine was around $20K) and how quilting a quilt for $60 doesn't justify the cost of the machine. I agree!

It all boils down to the adage of you get what you pay for. I feel like charity/QOV quilts are one thing, but a quilt being given as a gift, as an heirloom, a keepsake for yourself or another loved one, deserves to have the best quilting put into it.

I'm a professional quilter/quiltmaker, not a factory worker doing mind-numbing work requiring no skills or creativity. I feel like $10/hour is disgraceful and frankly, if you want to get it cheaper elsewhere, by all means, head right on over there because I've seen what the quality is of the person who quilts those quilts for a cheaper price and frankly, that's factory quality, not one of a person with passion and standards.

End rant.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Late Start

Getting a later start then usual this morning, thank you coyote pack that kept us up half the night.

Yesterday was make-a-block day and it started with a BOD. Here's the past weeks worth:

June 1-7
Moving along with the Quiltmaker block (which I can't show you), and then on to Amish with a Twist.

Amish with a Twist for June
It was still early in the day and decided to work on a few more paint chip challenge things. This is one of those projects you can't just sit down and do all at once, which is why I'm slicing away at it in small intervals.

While shifting around some things on my shelves, I found my quilt fairy projects (they were misplaced for a while) and thought I'd better get back to those. Quilt camp is only two months away and I haven't gotten nearly enough done.

That's what I'm basically planning on doing today. Jim has a long day since his loads were very delayed and so I'm going to "sweat shop" it on these quilt fairy gifts and enjoy the cool, cloudy weather day through my windows.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Since I didn't do much quilt-wise yesterday I'll show what exactly we did do yesterday.

Hannah Grace
Born on May 18th, she's still in the NICU. Hopefully she'll be able to come home soon. The kids have to obtain a special car seat to get her home and that apparently takes some red tape and finagling to get.

That's grandpa holding her and capturing his big ole' heart!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Long Arm Hospital

Looks like it'll be a while before I get to long arm. Mike and Jason listened to, and then started taking DW apart while we were there yesterday. I appears we have two issues: The race (where the bobbin goes) was causing the grinding/metal-on-metal sound. It may just be dirty, or worse, it may be out of round. I don't even want to think about how much it may cost to replace.

The second issue is the weird whirring sound in the back. Mike thinks it may just be a belt or oiling issue, but Jason isn't so sure. It'll be a few days before the actual verdicts come in on his actual health condition so no long-arming for at least a week.

Meanwhile, about all I got done yesterday was my BOD and some seat pads for the Jeep. We aren't used to leather seats in our vehicles; we have only ever had cloth. Leather gets hot! Very hot when the sun bakes down on the car for any length of time. I took part of my "practice" fabric I use on the long arm and made two seat pads to cover the seats at least during the summer months.

We are going in to see Hannah later and Jim's cousin is having a surprise 70th birthday celebration at his other cousins house, so after lunch, our day is pretty much shot. I'll do my BOD, chip away at the paint chip challenge, and that's probably about all I'll accomplish for this weird weather Sunday.

Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm grounded from DW! After putzing in here yesterday and finishing up all my Stitcher's Garden II homework, we headed into town to deliver quilts and pick up a fringe foot at Gall Sewing.

Here's what was completed before we left.

Stitcher's Garden II Blocks
I was a little behind. But no more! Well, actually, I have to fringe the top block now that I have the correct foot to do so with, but the rest of the blocks are completed.

While at Gall, we talked to Jason and Virginia about what DW has been doing noise-wise. I ran the video I took of the wretched noise and Jason said I was to not use DW anymore until he was brought it. Something about scarring the shaft and doing much more damage if I continue using him.

Jim was supposed to have today off. He got called in and is now on his way down to grab a load so we'll have to take him in tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to get him back here?

Meanwhile, I'll just have to continue on with my paint chip challenge and the Amish with a Twist BOM I got yesterday when I was at The Hen House to drop off April's block.

The Row by Row's are gearing up! Gall is actually going to participate this year! Here's their row.

Gall's Row by Row
Jason was so proud. He actually designed and sewed the row himself. He is a little perturbed though. The pink fabric he used for the sashing and hearts is no longer available so he'll have to substitute and he's a little reserved about that. I'm just glad they're jumping on the band wagon.

If, (a big if) I make it into the "winners circle" again this year, I've found a project I'll be doing with the winning fabrics. I found it on my Blog lovin' site and it's actually a 2015 BOM, but well worth the $45 for the project. Because it's an older BOM, I get the whole year for the one-time cost. How cool is that?

Picked up another quilt to do for Toni yesterday, and Ethel seemed pretty pleased with what I did in her Thimbleberries quilt. I love to see the pleased faces for the work I put into each and every one I do. The t-shirt quilt was delivered, but the recipient wasn't at work to see her reaction. She'll get it today sometime I hope.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

What I Learned

The t-shirt quilt last night was finished around 7:00. I learned that my Janome (Mike) can tackle nine layers of fabric at one time and not really complain too much. Here it is.

Lynn's T-Shirt Quilt
I think the black piping on the binding looks really nice and gives this simple little quilt a bit of zing.

After getting this done, planning for one of the two other quilts hanging out to do for another customer was priority. The customer wants an Eiffel Tower put into the negative space and locating one on-line wasn't happening.

I found a silhouette of one in Google Images and started working with it on paper. Then I remembered Sue Patton telling us during our class last October, that we had the ability to record images from our ProStitcher computer on the long arm.

This is what I came up with.

Playing around with the computer
This is a test piece of fabric I use when trying to get something figured out, and after recording my long arm movements, was able to stitch it out on the fabric to see what it would look like. After about eight attempts, I learned how we actually do have the ability to record our images and turn them into actual quilting motifs.

Today I have to deliver three quilts (Toni, Lynn, and Ethel), meet with a guild member about some thread, head into Gall to pick up the fringe foot I need for Stitchers Garden, and spend some time with the Thursday girls at The Hen House. Finishing my Stitchers Garden II from last month is also a thing to take care of and while I'm waiting for my friend, I'll start with that.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ripping Stitches

Most of yesterday morning was spent taking out stitches from Ethel's quilt. I didn't like how many of the side borders were progressing along, and the borders themselves were a little wonky to have to try to get a straight motif to work; they needed to go.

After getting all the offending stitches out and putting nicer quilting in their place, I was able to finally take the quilt off the frame just before lunch. I wanted to get my BOD done before I broke for lunch, and thankfully, it wasn't a real difficult one.

After lunch I loaded the t-shirt quilt and this is what DW is wearing now.

Lynn's T-Shirt Quilt
I had to stop quilting after two rows because that negative white space may or may not have some custom writing inserted into least that's what we discussed when she dropped it off Monday evening.

She finally called last night around 8:00 to let me know that the only thing personal she wanted was a small "something" on the back with some writing on it. I wonder how I'm going to do this? I have a few ideas rolling around in there, but nothing concrete yet.

I'll continue on with the t-shirt quilt today after my BOD. While I was waiting for the customer to call back yesterday, I played with my paint chip challenge. I cut all the remaining pieces out and started messing with some layouts on my design wall; it's so much fun to play with the different fabric and color effects!

Storms are possible later today so I better get my long arming done before they show up. I don't like to leave DW plugged in when we get these big nasties in for fear of him getting zapped. He's having enough troubles as it is and I don't need to aggravate him anymore then necessary.