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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Not Much to Post

After calling, visiting, and revisiting shops yesterday, I still own my Brother, and I do not own a Juki (yet). I test drove a little Bernina 350 model in Kalamazoo and really liked it, but the price on those Bernina's are way over the top.

I'm going to run to Jackson tomorrow, if the weather holds out, and play with the Juki to see how well I like it and to do a comparison to the Bernina. looks as though I'm going to have to sell my Brother either on eBay or through another on-line source. Nobody wants to give me a good price to trade her in (they won't trade down...only up) and since we just bought a new vehicle, hosted a Christmas party, and had Christmas itself, putting any kind of large coins into purchasing a decent machine is not in the cards right now.

Since Laura has been recently cleaned and serviced, Mike will be going to camp with me this time. I'll grab Whitey for a back up and all should be okay. I've been piecing Farmers Girl with Jay, but he's so darn heavy to drag around. He weighs almost as much as my long arm does (only a seven pound difference).

Off to moms today to spend the day with her. I don't know what time we'll get home as to whether I'll get to quilt today. Hopefully we won't be gone all day long, but you never know when heading over there.

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