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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Night Stars is On!

It's loaded and I'm almost half way through.

Quilting Night Stars
A mixture of free motion, ruler work, and computer work is being done on this quilt. It kind of breaks up the monotony of just doing one or the other.

Next up and done is the naughty caterpillar.

The Very Hungry [Naughty] Caterpillar
I'll put him somewhere in the studio after I show the gang on Thursday night. For now, he's just hanging out on the design wall making me smile.

Here are the BOD's from last week (as promised).

Jan. 19-26
In the future, I'll plan on posting those every Tuesday morning from what was done the previous week.

Here's where the BOD's currently hang out.

Not Cool
They are just sitting on a shelf behind Mike. Footloose and fancy free; a definite recipe for disaster if I happen to bump them (which clumsy me eventually will). I needed to make a basket for them to hang out in until construction comes into play. How about this?

BOD Basket
I wanted to make something entirely different then the BOD colors I'll be using. I love these little baskets. They come in so handily for all sorts of things. Even after the end of the year when all those little blocks are done and into a quilt, I'll find another use for this cute little guy somewhere else in the studio.

More long arming today. Another BOD. Perhaps I'll start on some quilt fairy bags for camp; it is only six months away you know? The design wall is pretty empty with the exception of my caterpillar staring at me. Something needs to go back up there because the wall looks pretty bare.

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