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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I have decided I don't like to travel. A day trip is okay. Staying over night for multiple nights is not okay; unless it's quilting related and I'm traveling to sew/quilt.

I could probably list 100 reasons right now why I've come to the conclusion I'd rather just stay close to home and not venture too far away, but this is a quilt diary, not a travel bash blog. Let's just say, having to play catch up from being gone for four days, took the whole day yesterday to accomplish.

And it didn't go very well. It's like I lost my groove or something. I couldn't cut accurately, or even roughly for that matter. Once I got things cut, I couldn't sew worth a tinkers darn. All my seams seemed to be wonky or just plain off.

And check this out. I couldn't even get my orientations correctly.

March 23-29
She gave us two blocks we could do on Easter. The large center block (Easter Cross) or the large block on the right (Easter Lily). Easter Cross is supposed to have light colors in each outside corner, not parallel to each other like I set them. The sticky note below the block; that's to tell me not to use the block when putting the quilt together later. It had 16 miters within that 6 1/2" square and let's just wasn't very pretty.

After getting through five BOD's, I moved along to the two Ugly Sweater blocks. Both of them were Christmas trees; one traditional and one modern.

Numbers 14 and 15
I was supposed to have a visitor over yesterday to load a quilt on DW and work as a team to finish. My visitor wasn't feeling good so we rescheduled for next Monday which opened up some choices for a week with DW.

I have the memory quilt to quickly get that meander in but given my poor performance in the studio with piecing and sewing, didn't sound like the best option, or, work on my little class piece I'm doing through iQuilt.

I went with the smaller option since I didn't want to press my luck loading a stretchy piece of king-sized backing. Here's what DW will be wearing for a day or so.

Traditional Quilting on the Long Arm
If you look, you can see where I have already started (I was pretty excited to get into it actually). It's not perfect, but then, nothing is. It's a class and I'm supposed to learn from it, right?

Today I'll quickly get my chores done and play with the piece above. I'm just glad to be somewhat caught up again so I can actually enjoy myself in here instead of stressing about all I have to do.


  1. I've got my block assembled except for the outer borders... I haven't been in the mood to do much.. will get to it 'one of these days'.