Think about this.....

...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One our way again

Yesterday was spent applying the parts to the backgrounds for each monthly wall hanging. They'll hang around for a few days until the yucky weather arrives again.

Today I completed my guild block as well as the first of two Craftsy BOM blocks. I hope to complete the second tomorrow, but it seems rather difficult. It's a string quilt block, but has a few angels that I may not do so well at. We'll see.

It's weird having stuff on both floors of the house. I'm so used to having everything at my fingertips, but I'm getting my exercise running up and down stairs to fetch/complete items needed. Perhaps an extra ironing board and table may be of assistance on the sunporch. I'm certainly NOT going to haul all my fabrics up and down every six months so I'll have to continue some running I'm afraid.

Little Projects

Over the course of the last few days I've completed most of what was on my "to-do" list. I have my April Guild block completed, I completed the March Craftsy BOM's and the tops to the monthly wall hangings are completed and have to be quilted this upcoming week. I have also started and finished a really cute bag from Not normally a seamstress, I found that this project was easy to construct with pretty clear directions and was actually a pleasure to make.

April Wallhangings

So, here is the picture of the bag that I made last week. It turned out kinda cute.

The last few days have been spent appliqueing my April wallhanging and Sunbonnet Sue. I still need to whip stitch the binding on, but otherwise they are completed. Tomorrow is supposed to be a wet and cold day, so that sounds like the day to complete them.

Since we are nearing the end of the month, I'll have my Craftsy BOM to do next week. I'll probably continue on with my Timeless Treasure blocks since they will take quite a while to finish. The weather has turned colder again, so working outside is rather sporadic. I think I'll just stay in for a while since most of my outdoor chores for the spring have been completed and simply work on quilts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I broke down and brought Laura upstairs-for now anyway. Colder weather is supposed to be heading our way so I may end up back downstairs, but for the time being I have her and my ironing board on the sun porch.

I started making my April fireplace wallhanging as well as my April Sunbonnet Sue. I have the backgrounds done for both and will continue with those tomorrow.

I also have a number of projects lined up or in progress actually. I am working on a yo-yo wallhanging type of thing and have about 10 of the 130 yo-yo's done. This will be a work in progress throughout the summer. No hurry here.

I  have a cute little purse/bag thing I'm going to try, and I have been selected to be on the Quiltmaker Test Block Team for the next issue of the 100 Block Volume 6 book. I still need to tackle my Craftsy BOM for March as well as my April block for the TRR guild. Good thing I'm all done working outside for a while!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Now it's been two...

...two full weeks without actually firing up my sewing machine? That's like 1/25th of my year. What's wrong with me?

It's called unseasonably warm weather and taking advantage of it! Because we have such a large yard and so many trees to clean up after it only makes sense to take advantage of the warm temps because I'm sure they won't be here very much longer. I've never seen such a weird winter (very mild with freeze/thaw cycles throughout) and now we have moved from winter to nearly summer literally overnight.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Still Nothing

Since the weather here in our great mitten state has been unseasonably warm (mid to upper 70's all week), I found the need to clean my yard rather then doing any quilting. It's amazing how, after even a mild winter, the amount of debris found in just the front yard alone that needed to be raked and hauled away. Our great red oak tree pooped a lot of sticks and bark this year, not to mention the acorns. Holy cow, the acorns!

The weather is supposed to hang in there for another week, and since my yard is divided into about seven sections, I don't see where I'm going to be getting Laura back out anytime soon. Unfortunately. I have three sections done, but still have the whole backyard to do and much of the west side. It's nice to look at during the summer and winter months, but fall and spring bring a LOT of work where they are concerned. Having this many trees/bushes/flowers/plants in a yard creates a lot of work. The upside. I'm losing all the winter pudge (again) as I work, work, work.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Has it really been a week?

Yup, it has been a whole week and I have only turned on my machine once and that was to sew a button on Ben's jacket prior to leaving for the funeral. Aren't funerals fun? Not really. I deal with death in a bizarre way. I laugh. Make jokes. Shed very few, if any tears. I make inappropriate comments. I usually make an enemy out of one or more family members because of my death dealing ways. <sigh>

But I pretty much remembered to stay to myself this time around. I have learned quickly from past experiences to just be there for the mourning and be myself around my immediate family who know how each of us deals with death...which for many, is laughter.

I can't believe the dearly departed wanted any more suffering then what they had to endure. So we carry on as best as we know how, and in this family it is with laughter.

I feel like I've let Laura down and sentenced her to death by not turning her on at all. I also neglected to cover her up or look in her direction while in the basement. We were so busy visiting, running, catching up, preparing, and being gone that she was left to her own corner peacefully.

So, we will carry on beginning tomorrow as always. My only problem is it's beginning to get spring-like around here and I've been cooped up just about too long this winter. My yard is a shambles and the gardens are even worse. I have to remember my summertime schedule and ease into that because I know colder weather will be here again before the warmer winds chase it away. Note to self...don't, don't, don't move the studio back onto the sunporch too soon (even though I'm dying to do that very thing right after I get done blogging). Humph. I need two machines. One for up here and one for down there. I do have two machines actually, but Husky is very stubborn and not particularly enjoyable to use. He is not trustworthy, and frankly I haven't turned him on in almost a year, so he may have decided to permanently retire just as Jim's uncle Don just did. RIP Uncle Don!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stutter Steps

Isn't it funny how one event in your life can alter the routine so engrossed in our being? Jim's Uncle Don passed away Saturday night and since then, the house has been up and down with busy-ness. While I was only able to piece three blocks last night, and none the night before, I still have a nice little stack started down there.

Today won't be a very productive day either, if at all. Actually, this whole week won't see much sewing action since Teresa arrives in a short while from now. We have to pick up Christe at the Grand Rapids airport by 1:00 today and Jim's mom will be here tomorrow. The rest of the family arrives on Wednesday night or Thursday morning for a Thursday afternoon funeral and somewhere in all of this I have to run in and pick up Ben (Caleb has his state FFA convention on Wednesday through Friday, so he won't even be here since he's up for state officer). Meanwhile, Jim started his new job with Dollar General today driving for them and reluctantly will not be able to even make the funeral.

And, Jim mentioned last night that they may all stay down here until Saturday or Sunday to spend time together. I have a feeling Aunt Shirley and I are going to be going through a lot of coffee.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bargello Completed

I soooo want to put a picture up of how the top to this quilt turned out. It's soooo pretty and will look amazing in some little girls bedroom someday.

With that completed, I now have the task of finding a new project. The one I selected I'm going to call "Timeless Classic". It has 100 blocks and each block has 24 pieces to it. It's a combination of paper piecing, block piecing, and bordering all in one block. I found the original pattern in two of my really old Quiltmaker magazines (Numbers 69 and 71). The completed block looks like a sand timekeeper but really scrappy and bold.

I tried a test block last night and found it to be a rather long (time wise) process in completing the blocks, but I rather enjoyed it and it'll be a nice project to just jump into whenever I have a free amount of time...or if I just want to sit and quilt for the whole day or night. Whichever, it'll be a fun project. However, I'm going to keep you posted here on the progress so that I can keep an accurate time capsule of how long it actually takes me to complete the top. I'm guessing around a month. Place your bets!


Today will be the day I finish my first full-sized Bargello. This particular quilt is done in a full color wheel of color and I think it is turning out well. Both the panels were cut and sewed on Monday evening. The strips were cut yesterday and about 1/3 of the quilt was pieced also. Caleb's band concert was last night so I was shorted on actual production time, therefore I should finish the top tonight.

Thinking about my next project is always on my mind so I'll work on that while I am sewing strips together.