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Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Corner

I think it's funny how used to things I get. I don't know, maybe we all do? It's kind of like when you know somebody has been into a room they shouldn't have been in, because just one little thing is out of place. My little corner of my studio was changed around yesterday to accommodate my new caterpillar friend and I can sense the difference while blogging this afternoon.

"New" Corner
After dusting, rearranging, and hanging stuff yesterday, I finished up my little table runner.

Little Table Runner
Once I completed the table runner and broker for lunch, I got right on DW and finished quilting Night Stars. I should probably get the binding put on it tonight. 

Once I started in here today (Jim has today off so errands this morning), I finished these pillows for Andrew from when he brought the extra t-shirt to cover my I-didn't-get-his-quilt-done tracks. 

Two Pillows to Match Andrew's Quilt
We ran to Gall this morning to try to find the correct foot for Holly. Cindy looked everywhere in the shop and all she came up with was an open-toe appliqué foot. I can use that for now, but she said she'd try to find, and order, the correct foot for the actual machine.

We had runny babbit stuff to get, some stuffing for the pillows above, and then off to HH (again) to pick up a king-sized bat for Jamie and Misty's quilt (only about six years overdue). We slipped lunch in there at the Eaton Place too, which was very nice. I love spending time with Jim no matter what we're doing.

Off I go to play in here for what is left of my day.

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