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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snowing and Blowing

It's really blustery out there already this morning. Jim is in Grand Rapids, which has even more snow then we already do, and I keep him in my thoughts throughout the day today while he's out there trying to keep his rig on the road. I'm so very grateful for his love of what he does so I can continue to do what it is I love in the warmth of our house!

Yesterday, while the snow machine started to kick in a bit, I got all caught up in the BOD's I was behind.

Five more BOD's
The piece count thus far: 95 for the first 12 days.

I pulled Stitcher's Garden off the frame. I decided not to add any buttons to it and only a few fabric assholes where needed. This quilt, with buttons, is not baby conducive. We have brand new grand children who will be in and out of the house and we want to use this quilt; not tuck it away somewhere never to be seen again. 

Because it will be used and loved, Jim also talked me into doing a machine binding on it rather then a hand stitched binding. He likes how I can incorporate decorative stitches in the binding when I do it on the machine and I'll see if I can get it under Mike later today.

I moved along to the Farm Girl Vintage blocks after trimming the threads, trimming the batting, and squaring up Stitcher's Garden. 

Three more Farm Girls
I only have one more block left to do from the book. I had Jim select some blocks from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine's that would fit into the Farm Girl theme. He found nine more blocks that would look nice in the quilt and I'll work on those most of today. 

Barb S. gave me a charity quilt a few weeks ago to quilt for her. Even though I haven't long-armed in nearly a week, I really want to get these Farm Girl blocks done so I can lay them out during sew-in this weekend. Even though I have a large design wall here, I have a feeling being able to spread these big blocks out on the floor at the library may be the better option. 

Sew, sew, sew...enjoy, love, passion!

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