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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunny Day

It looks like I get to see the sun for at least part of the day today. Haven't seen it in a while for any length of time and it's a welcome addition to the studio.

I started this bag at sew-in this past weekend and I decided, before delving into anything else yesterday, to finish it up. I love it, which is huge for me for all the bags I've made lately I haven't even really liked.

My new Midi Bag
It has pockets inside for my phone and my tape measure (something every quilter should carry around in their bag, right?). I also included an attached key ring to hang my many keys from.

I did my BOD yesterday (it was only a HST) and made a decision to show these on a weekly, rather then a daily basis.

The February Amish with a Twist blocks are done; 4-16 1/2" blocks. They took longer then I expected and I didn't finish those until well after lunch.

I cleaned up the studio a bit more taking care of pieces parts left over from weekend projects. I had to clear off my pressing table to press MJ's quilt back and top prior to loading. This is what DW is wearing today.

MJ's Old Blocks from New Top
When the sun was starting to shine into the studio today, I snapped a pic of some of the quilting I'm putting into the top/table cloth (MJ said she would probably use it as a table cloth).

Quilting Detail
I'll continue along with this during the morning time today. I'll work on my BOD later this afternoon, and if this piece is done later I'll then load Vicki's quilt onto the frame next. I promised both the ladies I'd have their pieces back by Thursday and since they are relatively small pieces, this should be an obtainable goal.

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