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Monday, January 11, 2016

As Dorothy said, "There's No Place Like Home."

How can a person sweat when the temps outside are 21 degrees and the wind chills are 2 degrees? Oh, I know, I know. Drive home after a huge dump of snow with another person in the car screeching at you all while you have bad road driving anxiety. Apparently, Secret antiperspirant doesn't account for these situations.

But I'm home and it's good to be back.

I wonder at times why I do these things. I want to go back again next year, but it'll be by myself and on my own terms. I could go on, but I'll let it rest and just remember this information for next years retreat.

Here's what I accomplished (which, to my surprise, was quite a bit) over the weekend. Day 1:

Ready to quilt
Arcadia Avenue was all put together and is waiting to go on the long arm now. I have to find a backing for it first though.

I wanted to sit and relax for the remainder of the day so I got out my free motion foot and thread and finished the five blocks left from my 2014 Sugar Block blocks. These are now ready to get put together.

2014 Sugar Block Blocks
Day 2: The first BOM in Amish with a Twist.

Amish with a Twist
That went together really well, and fast. Day two and it wasn't even lunch time yet. I only brought four things to work on and already done with my third project. I moved along to my Farm Girl blocks. Even after working for the remainder of my whole time there, didn't get them all done. However, I think I'm under 10 left to go. I don't remember. Here's the box full of blocks.

Farm Girl Vintage blocks
Okay, I just counted them. I need 49 (setting them in a 7 x 7 block format). I have 40! There are four left to do from the book. I get to pick one to duplicate, and then one more to use four more times (for each of the four corners).

That about wraps up my weekend. I didn't take my BOD stash with me to work on while there. Good thing too because our internet connectivity was nearly non-existent. I have five blocks to catch up on and that's my first priority for today.

After I get those done I'll take Stitcher's Garden off the frame and start working on the embellishments. Actually, now that I think about it, it may be easier to embellish each block right on the frame. Hmmmm...I'll have to take a look to see about that. But I need to make fabric assholes, find the buttons, etc. first before I can actually get them on, right?

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