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Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Pics, but Here's the Dirt

Friday: 1) Completed Thursday's two blocks worth of homework from Stitcher's Garden.
             2) Started on next month.
             3) Picked up Amish with a Twist February block kit.
             4) Made a Fat-Quarter draw string bag with MJ.
             5) Received a table cloth to quilt for MJ also.
Saturday: 1) Completed next months' two blocks of homework for Stitcher's Garden.
                2) Make a cool new block with Carol R. (she should do a mini lesson with this!)
                3) Received a quilt top from Vicki to quilt.
                4) Started a Midi Bag (similar to my Mondo bag), but need more supplies from home.
                5) Started my A.w.a.T. February block, but again, some supplies are at home.
                6) Came home and put everything back in it's place, settled in for a few weeks before I'm off and running again with my machine(s), and crashed in my chair for the night.

I'm three blocks behind in my BOD work. I'll tackle them first thing this morning and then who knows? Jim and I would like to just spend a day lounging around and recharging our batteries, and since we are STILL fighting some kind of cold-thing, it would probably be best if we did just that.

Oh, and I'm now: 1) In charge of fabric and batting scraps to stuff for dog beds we'll be making for the Eaton County Humane Society, and 2) I guess I'm the new guild newsletter writer person. Interesting what happens after a few days.

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