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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Visitor Fun!

Carol R. and I got to talking on the phone yesterday morning and before you know it, she was here!

I had fun (I think she may have too) playing with DW and learning how to do circle templates on Audrey's second quilt. After Carol went back home I continued on with my quilting. By shear coincidence, learned a better way to work the circles.

When she and I were stitching them out, I was starting the circle at about 10:00 (for position). Later yesterday afternoon, I moved my position to about 7:00. It made such a difference that I can virtually quilt around the whole circle without having to move my hands. My accuracy seemed a little better as well, and the visualization of the stitches were also improved. Lesson learned.

Here's what we did together yesterday.

Audrey's Second Baby Quilt
I started to blanket stitch out my naughty Very Hungry Caterpillar while Jim was watching the game last night. Thank you Stitcher's Garden class for all the wonderful embroidery thread I'm using in it.

Today I'll putz. Jim doesn't feel like going anywhere today (since we ran to BC yesterday afternoon), and perhaps my Night Stars will finally get's only been sitting on the design wall since before the holidays and I think it's time to come down. A BOD, Caterpillar, and some searching for my fabrics for Wendy's class in a few weeks are also on the to-do list for the day.

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