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Saturday, January 23, 2016


I was naughty yesterday. :-(

I'll get to that in a minute.

Starting with my day. My three BOD's were caught up on. No pic (yet).

I didn't make one dog bed but instead made three more, for a total of four delivered yesterday afternoon. The dog food in the background was also delivered (donated by none other then Carol R.)--and the Humane Society lady said a big "Thank You" to all of us!!

Four Dog Beds and Some Dog Food for the Eaton County Humane Society
From there, I loaded Audrey's first baby quilt (after mom left in the early afternoon).

Audrey's First Baby Quilt
Then I finished said baby quilt.

Cute, huh?
I started to load the second Audrey quilt on to the frame (Jim had went to bed and I didn't want to wake him, so firing up DW again wasn't an option). It's ready to get plumbed and basted this morning.

Then, I was naughty. I didn't come out of the studio until about 10:15. I was straightening up from the days' projects and moved these templates around twice. I didn't want to misplace them and decided to do the project just screaming at me to do. Here he is, in the rough.

My "Naughty" Work
I have to stitch around him (it's raw edge appliqué) using the Cathy Singer Appliquilting method. I'll free motion around the outside part to make him pop out, but this was so much more fun to work on then what I should have been doing. I was having such a blast I can't believe how long I actually worked in here yesterday.

Maybe my calling is to work on art-like items?


  1. check out the pics... any look familiar? :)

  2. Hey...that's us! I commented on her post to say "hello". She certainly was full of energy and positive quilting vibes!