Think about this.....

...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Potato Chips

I found yesterday, when working on Farm Girl Vintage, that it's like eating potato chips. It's hard to stop after just one.

I long armed on Stitcher's Garden in the morning and then worked on what I had planned would be only a few blocks on Farm Girl Vintage in the afternoon.

Six blocks later I finally left the studio; it was around 8:00. It's so much fun!

Every block is different and I don't get bored. Each block presents challenges and yet are easy enough you don't want to throw your hands up and go screaming and running into the night.

Baby Chick, Baking Day, and Butter Churn
Here are the first three I did before even taking my afternoon break around 3:30. I was still pleasantly pleased with the fun I was having and started in with some more.

Canning Season, Churn Dash, and Chicken Foot
Mom's colors are starting to pull together well. I have a total of eight blocks out of the 49 I plan to do. Usually about this time into a quilt I start looking forward to the half-way mark because I'm already ready to move on to another project. Not so much here. Hurray!

The big football game (MSU vs Alabama) is on tonight, which is good. I won't get to spend any time in here during the daytime hours. I have to return the little kid back to school so he can get ready to leave for Australia on the 2nd. I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon, and then I have errands to run both before and after all of these daytime interruptions.

During the game, which I WILL NOT watch (I'm bad luck to the team when I do), I'll be in here amusing myself while Jim is amusing himself in front of the TV. Ben is still sick meaning they won't be coming out to watch with dad. I'll have to remember to stick my head in the family room once in a while to say "hi" and make sure he knows I'm supporting the team I guess.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Half-Way Day

I started in the studio making some scissor covers for my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. When the boys got home with Ghost, our new Jeep Patriot, they decided they wanted to run errands and go out for lunch.

We never returned home until 4:00! The little kid has a new iPhone 6, we have food in the house again, I have enough material to finish Arcadia Avenue at our winter quilt camp, and Applebee's for lunch was a great idea.

I finished the scissor covers (no pic...sorry), and I rummaged through my projects bag once again. Nothing struck me yesterday afternoon until I happened to look at my fabric shelves. I forgot I put the fabrics mom picked out for Farm Girl Vintage up there, along with the book to do the blocks. Just the ticket!

Here are the first two blocks completed last night before MSU was killed by Iowa in B-Ball.

Apron Strings and Autumn Star
The example quilt was set in white. I have boys. Boys are messy and not the cleanest of creatures. White is not good with boys. I'm going to set mine in black (big surprise, huh?). Black and boys go together much better.

It doesn't look like these fabrics play well together, does it? I trust my mom and her color sense, and of course, these are only the first two blocks of the 49 I'll be doing. I have to remember to give it some time to see how they all work together instead of looking at them as separate entities.

I'll long arm a bit today and see where the rest of the day heads. Maybe some more on Farm Girl or...we'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Easy Day

When I receive a kit to create something, I expect, especially when the kit is kind of expensive, to have all the correct pieces to complete said project. I've heard horror stories from fellow quilters who haven't received all the necessary fabrics or pieces to complete the project they purchased. This is very sad.

This kit was lacking just a bit. The fabrics that came with the kit were cut a tad too slim. I made due, as always, and with all the quilting I put into it yesterday, I made it work out okay.

New Cedar Chest Topper
I put this on the cedar chest downstairs in the new bedroom. It looks great!

Before blogging today, I rummaged around in my projects bag to see what I felt like doing. Nothing big today (again) as I'm still not 100%, despite having a rather slow day yesterday. The middle kid is home from work today with a flu bug, and I'm sure we have a touch of it around here as well because all three of us are rather sluggish and lethargic.

Despite this, Jim and Caleb just went to go pick up the new car. I didn't feel like saying goodbye to yet another vehicle this year (truck and Jeep both within three months). It's stupid, I know. I get attached to inanimate objects. But, it's something from my past, that I have the inability to shake, despite my having tried over the years to rid myself of. Ahh....ghosts.

Which, by the way, is the name (I think) for our new car. Since it's white, and Wendy suggested Casper, I think we'll just call it Ghost.  The ghost of Christmas past, present, and the future.

So, about the easiest thing in my projects bag is a scissors cover pattern I found from our UFO auction. It would be an easy and fun project for the day. It sounds like just the ticket and not too taxing for a rather muddled and fuzzy brain.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well...almost anyway. The little kid is still home, and will be for a few more days until he leaves for Australia. But, the rest of the family has come and gone and the house is quiet once again.

Lily is glad to be back on her dog bed in the studio; she's snoring contentedly in the corner enjoying being out of doggie prison.

With all the folks in and out, and with the shopping day last Wednesday in Frankenmuth, I'm fighting a something or another. My ears are ringing, I'm dizzy, and occasionally my tummy is not so well. It started yesterday in the afternoon. I was working on this when it decided to descend upon my being.

Daisy Table Topper
It was a kit given to me by my mom for Christmas and I couldn't wait to dig into it. I'm going to try to finish it today, but I'll take it easy. I know after being away from the studio for a while (a week this time) I get a little over zealous, so I'll have to check myself.

I'm not the only one feeling poorly today. My jeep is DOA; dead on its axils. Without going into a lot of detail, Jim took it in this morning after it's noise making starting increasing last week. The motor is shot and we are not anywhere near paying the damn thing off. There were no warning lights; not one bell was dinging; no indication that is was anything serious. We were told is was probably nothing more then a plugged injector two weeks ago and now it's completely dead.

On a brighter note, here's my grandson checking out the progress on Stitcher's Garden.

Tristan Checking my Work
He liked to poke at the various flowers in the quilt.

I can post these now that they were given out to my quilting friends. I put goodies in them for the girls and it was so much fun making them!

Goodie Fabric Boxes
I handed these out at our last sew-in. They seemed to like them and I think perhaps these may make nice quilt fairy gifts next summer at camp.

Back to some normalcy. Welcome winter!

Friday, December 18, 2015


Before I run off to quilt with my guild's a little of the quilting detail in Stitcher's Garden.

A little quilting detail
Sorry it doesn't show up very well, but in this flower alone, I have three thread changes: Blue, Green, and White. This is one of the simpler blocks--let the thread changes begin!

I'll be putting the binding on Andrew's t-shirt quilt today as well as setting the blocks in Arcadia Avenue. If Wendy attends, I may have her assist me with the bag I want to make my mom for Christmas.

She picked out the fabrics and the pattern when we were in Arizona, and despite my having looked over the pattern, can't seem to wrap my head around the darn thing. Wendy, however, can make sense out of just about anything.

Off to go sew!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Borders, Binding, and Basting, Oh My!

First and foremost, a very Happy Birthday to my best friend. He's 54 today and because of him, I get to do what it is I love to do all day...QUILT! Thank you Papa for all you do for me, and the rest of the family!!!

Before noon yesterday I completed the borders on Night Stars.

Night Stars Completed Top
I prepared the binding for Andrew's t-shirt quilt.

Binding ready to go
 And, I basted down the Stitcher's Garden top.

Basting the top
After lunch I actually started to quilt. There are a LOT of thread changes in this piece, so quilting it in a few days is probably not going to happen. In fact, with all the activities coming up in the next few weeks, it will probably be on the long arm until well after the Christmas holiday. Which is fine actually. It's nice to look at for a while.

Stitcher's Garden is FINALLY on DW
After I tired of standing at the long arm and changing out threads I moved on to something sewing-ish. I don't have a whole lot to exchange with my mom on Christmas morning, and I thought she might like a smaller version of the tree I made earlier this year since she's donating her tree to our guild. This is what I made for her last evening.

O, Christmas Tree
I still have to add the bells to it, but I have to get some to actually add them. I'll pick those up later today when I run into town for our last guild meeting of the year and put them on during our show and tell time.

I have to run to the bakery and the card shop before I get started in here know, birthday stuff. I may quilt some more. I may sew something. I must get ready for this weekend and will have to fit that into my day somewhere. It's a scattered day but will be sure to get some quilting in there somehow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Small Projects

After blogging yesterday, it occurred to me Jim and I had made plans yesterday afternoon to run out and try to find a smallish dresser for the room we are renovating. This changed all my initial plans for the day.

Since the little projects below are "sewing" and involved installing zippers, it took me both time before, and after, we returned from our dresser hunting excursion to complete.

Zipper Triangle Bags
These are actually pretty small; the pic makes them look a lot bigger then the about 4" they are. I'll fill them with something and give them to both of the DIL's for their stockings.

I received a call yesterday from one of Jim's many cousins. Her and her partner are interested in coming over to look through my quilt inventory to find a present for the partners' mother for Christmas. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't pick it up, but Jim received a call from her afterward letting him know their intention. I guess I can expect a visit from them in the next few days.

The binding is cut for Andrew's t-shirt quilt. I'll put that together today and get it ready to go for this weekend.

I should probably get Stitcher's Garden loaded. I failed to do so yesterday because along with making zipper bags, I got waylaid wrapping the few Christmas gifts we have for the kids so far.

I think maybe, since I can't get any more focus fabric for Night Stars, I'll go ahead and put the borders on it and tuck it away until I can get backing fabric for it at a later date.

That's about it for today. I should be productive since I was up very early and it's another dismal weather day outside.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Small Project Someday

This small project didn't hit on Sunday this week but at least it was close. Will Monday work?

Prior to working on this Christmas present for my DIL, I actually completed the quilting in Andrew's t-shirt quilt. The binding is all cut and I'll attach it on Friday at sew-in. Much more room at the library there to spread the quilt out on while trying to get all the binding on.

After long arming, I wanted to complete the remaining two selvedge triangles in the red color way before I could put all the selvedges back in their basket for another day.

Then I was able to start this apron.

Laura's Apron
When the final pressing was completed on the apron, and I stood behind the camera lens, I realized I did the damn thing upside down. UGH! Well, she's getting it anyway and if she frowns at it, I'll keep it for myself and make her another in a different pattern.

I still had some steam left in me after realizing my apron boo-boo. I then moved over to cutting the setting triangles for Arcadia Avenue to be worked on also this upcoming weekend.

Still plugging along and with a little energy left, I also cut the border fabrics for the Night Stars piece still hanging out on the wall. Unfortunately, I don't have enough fabric to do with it what I wanted to (adding an additional tiny border prior to putting the black final border on) and will have to make due with what was received in the kit.

Today I'm going to do my homework for Stitcher's Garden for next month; I have a feeling once the kids show up, time will get away from me and I'll think I've already did it and actually didn't. I have two blocks to prepare for next month so I better get that out of my way.

I need to prepare the backing for Stitcher's Garden and will load that. I don't have batting for it (at least not the kind/size) to fully load the quilt, but it'll be a start. Perhaps some more WIP work will follow if I can't find a zipper around here for something small I want to attempt. Onward, quilt!

Monday, December 14, 2015

I Love Dismal Weather

I don't feel guilty while working in here when the weather is as dismal as it is this morning. It feels more like spring out there with temps hovering near 60 degrees. Cloudy. Rainy. Windy. Hurray!

And, I'm one of those (weird) people who like cloudy days. 

Yesterday, despite having a raging headache, I got a little over half of Andrew's quilt done. I pooped out early (around 6:30) because of said headache, but I was happy with what was accomplished. 

However, it didn't start out well. At all!

This is not good
The first spartan head set into the quilt had to be ripped out. The bobbins I got from a secondary source weren't actually the correct diameter; by a mere 1/100th of an inch. I could not get a good tension with them and the results are above. They float too willingly within the bobbin case and my $15 was a waste. Lesson learned.

"What's with the orange yarn?" my husband asks.

Marking my motifs
I use this obnoxious orange yarn to let me know the parameters of my motif. It's so I don't quilt through them and go around them instead.

I'll continue quilting this morning. At some point (probably after lunch) I have to pause in my quilting to work on an apron for my DIL. She has one on her Christmas list and during lunch yesterday, watched a video on how to make one with pockets, ties, and an adjustable neck piece. 

Jim and I picked out some cute fabrics from my stash. I need to get both of these projects done prior to Saturday, because that's when they are expected to arrive and stay through until Christmas. 

I need to get on-line and order one more item before starting. Happy dismal weather day!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Positive Comments

While I didn't actually do any quilting yesterday, I did talk about it quite a bit to those many folks who flocked to our house to play games, eat, share, and laugh...a lot!

The Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer quilt (which is now hanging in the kitchen for the holidays) was overwhelmingly received. Everybody, (and I mean even Jim's 87 year old aunt) thought it was cute as the dickens.

Many of the folks wandered into the studio to get a closer look at the quilt on the frame. Nearly the whole family has green blood running through its veins and a few requests were made for a quilt like this for themselves. Unfortunately, many of them are not willing to relinquish t-shirts they still wear to be made into a quilt, so nothing will probably come of those comments.

I have a massive headache today since I didn't drink nearly enough water yesterday. Being busy chasing around a 15 month old (or at least keeping an eye on her the whole time) and tending to the older folks' needs for coffee, napkins, silverware, and all other party necessities, kept me from grabbing my water glass as much as I should have.

It was a wonderful time, and we cherish each and every year we are able to get together to make even more memories. We missed those that weren't able to come, but they were in our thoughts often. Hopefully, next year, they will be able to flex their schedules/circumstances to be able to share this family once again.

I'm going to fill my water cup up and put it right next to my long arm. DW and I are going to spend most of today together and I need to get rehydrated. Lily is already asleep on her blanket waiting for me to resume some normalcy into our lives (she was banished to doggie prison for most of yesterday), so away we go with Christmas music on Pandora and the studio lights shining bright.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Merry Holidays

Our guild Christmas party was a huge hit! We had so much fun last night despite my lack of sleep and I was surprised at just how energized I became being around these amazing people.

Here's what I completed yesterday in class before our party.

Block #3
After our class, Margaret had some shopping to do at Meijer and I had to grab that backing fabric for Andrew's quilt. Sometime today between cooking and cleaning I have to get this loaded. I want it out of the way prior to everybody showing up tonight and tomorrow, but finding a "manly-man" fabric was becoming kind of difficult.

I check in Portland and didn't find anything there. I checked at B's and found something I kind of liked, but the touch of the fabric was not very inviting. I want it soft and pliable; not stiff and crisp. It's a t-shirt quilt and already has that extra layer of stabilizer in it so adding to the bulk was not my idea of a cuddly quilt.

Here's the backing fabric I found at, yes, (once again), The Hen House.

Backing with the top
It's a small, random, slightly steel grey, checked print. Very soft. Very Andrew. Very cool with the top!

The bummer about it is that the quilting will really show through the back since I plan on quilting it in a dark green. Wait, now that I think about it, why don't I quilt it in a medium grey? I'm going to have to run some colors to see what would be best.

I don't really want that dark green throughout the t-shirts (since they are the focal point). Yet, I don't want to take away from the frames around the t-shirts themselves. I think the white print throughout the frame fabric will facilitate the medium grey better then a white would. The t-shirts are well loved and worn, so they aren't really all that white anymore anyway.

Time to audition some thread I think. Either way, I plan on embedding some random "S's" and spartan heads throughout and then meander something around those. The quilting should look nice regardless, and I hope Andrew forgives me for trying a more "freeing" method of quilting since I seem to be so rigid in my quilting of late. I need to loosen up (according to all the latest videos I've watched).

This is about all the quilting I'll do today. People coming. House to clean. Goodies to bake.

Oh, one other thing. My license plate is on order for Penny. It'll be here around Christmas and it's going on a Michigan State University license plate with the spartan head on the left hand side. When somebody yells "Go Green" somebody else will respond "Go White". My license plate is going to say:


Cool, huh?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

W.I.P's Ahoy

Isn't that supposed to be Chips Ahoy? W.I.P's = Works In Progress.

This is my WIP's shelving unit.

WIPs and Other Things
Actually, the whole thing is not all WIP's. Only the top five shelves are. The rest of it is storage, magazines, books, patterns, etc.

But after my blog yesterday, I knew I needed to start weeding through some of this. It's becoming too daunting and I've ignored it long enough. Some of the WIP's aren't even in there: Arcadia Avenue, Diamond Strings, and the Selvedge blocks were already taken out to work on.

I completed the Diamond String blocks and they're ready to put together. I'll do that next weekend at sew-in. Arcadia Avenue will also be constructed during sew-in after I get the setting triangles cut this next week.

The Selvedge Pinwheels are being worked on throughout this week (end) and will be throughout the holidays. I actually started back at that yesterday too. What a mess!

Selvedges Ahoy
I'm trying not to use the same selvedge in each of the nine color ways. It will add variety and interest to all of it I think.

Today I have class in Portland. We have our guild Christmas party tonight. I have to pick up Andrew's backing between those two events so I can load that and get it done before they show up in nine days. I will probably be binding that during sew-in also. Wow! I usually wonder what I'm going to do at sew-in and this next week I have plenty it seems.

Tomorrow I probably won't get to do much in here. I have to clean the house and pick up party stuff for Saturday. It's like a mini DeGroot reunion here and it gets pretty chaotic and noisy with everybody. This will be our first hosting since we've moved back into this house. Should be interesting.

As I'm writing this, a question came to mind. How come we are in charge of everything for the actual summer DeGroot reunion and we are also the host house for the winter one? The good side of this is that the house actually gets a good scrubbing at least once a year.

I have to finish packing for today/tonight. Since it's early, maybe (just maybe) I'll get a few more selvedge triangles made before Margaret comes to pick me up.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


What we do for our friends! I love, love, love doing things for my friends. Wendy came over last night and we loaded her Twirly quilt onto DW to get it layered. I (eventually) convinced her to at least let me baste her quilt down with thread, rather then her trying to pin the whole thing down (which would have taken A LOT longer).

Her quilt should turn out beautifully!

Before, and after, Jim and I went out and did a little impromptu Christmas shopping, I worked on the last Arcadia Avenue Hexagon block. It's still in pieces waiting for me to put together, but this is where I ended last night around 10:00.

The 12th Arcadia Avenue Block (not yet together)
I'll fashion that into something more beautiful this morning, and then I'm not sure what direction I'm headed. I want to leave DW alone until I can get Andrew's backing fabric picked up tomorrow so nothing there today.

We have the guild Christmas party tomorrow night, and except for wrapping the few "prizes" I picked up, everything else is pretty much done.

I also have Stitcher's Garden class tomorrow afternoon. Again, except for getting everything into the car, I'm pretty much done there as well. Oh, I have to find my circular tool/foot for Laura because we are doing circular work this week. I wonder where that went to???

I could start working on finishing these two BOM tops, but then where do I put them when I get them done? I have enough piling up in the closet to finish and I think they're just fine where they are for now. Ahhh...what a conundrum.

Maybe something small for today? No. I should NOT start anything new. Hey, I know. I can work on my last two blocks of my string quilt, AND, I can work on my selvedge blocks too. Yeah! Now we have a plan for today.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pillow Day

Since I don't have the backing to quilt Andrew's t-shirt quilt yet, I thought I had better do something else productive towards the Christmas season. I made a pillow out of the left over block with an envelope back (for ease of laundering) since the pillow is mostly white.

Andrew's Throw Pillow to match his quilt.
After the pillow was completed, I continued on with my Craftsy BOM for 2015. All that's left to do is get the outside borders on.
Night Stars
I love this top so far. The colors are amazing and I can't wait to see how the instructor suggests to quilt this piece out.

Prior to working on either of those projects, I actually did this little thing for Jim's upcoming birthday. He needed a new snuggle pillow (his current one is yuck!) and Jim prefers gifts he can use. I wanted to bury this in my blog in case he actually starts to read the thing.

Jim's birthday pillow
Today I'll work on Arcadia Avenue. I have to check my FB messenger page to see if Wendy is planning on getting that quilt on DW. If she's not going to any time soon, I'm planning on loading Stitcher's Garden. The kids are planning on coming out Friday night for our DeGroot Christmas celebration on Saturday and the top is (once again) hanging out on their bed waiting to get finished.

Mom and I were supposed to head to Marshall today, but after talking with her on the phone already this morning, we decided to postpone the trip, which means I have all day in here to work! Happy dance!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Small Project Sunday Turns Large

I started out yesterday with something small. I finished the pillow cases.

Christmas Pillow Cases
They'll look cute on the bed once the white ones are taken off.

Then I started on something a little bigger. Andrew's quilt. I will be picking up backing fabric for it on Thursday because The Hen House gives us a GREAT discount on Thursdays (20% off instead of just 15%). I must, must, must get this on the frame soon to get this done before the kids show up on the 19th.

I thought this would only take me a few hours. Not so much. And, there's a story that goes with this thing.

When I started putting it together at sew-in last month, I counted, recounted, and counted again how many t-shirts I had. I got 20 all three times. Great. 4 blocks by 5 blocks would work great, and to make the quilt big enough for my big kid, I wanted the blocks to be around 20" square.

When I got to sew-in and started laying everything out on the floor, there were only 19 t-shirts. When I finished all the framing, I had to make a block with the SAF sleeve pieces I saved while cutting out the main body of each t-shirt to get it back to the 20 blocks needed.

When I got home I showed Jim what I had to do to get my 20 blocks. He counted and sure enough, without the SAF sleeve block I only had 19.

Yesterday, while constructing the 2nd row (remember, each row had 4 blocks in it) there were actually 5 blocks in the pile. What?

I set aside the SAF block to see if I would need it later because somewhere somebody was messing with me.

After getting the top together, the SAF block is still setting on the stool next to the design wall waiting to go into the quilt somehow, but obviously, it is no longer needed. I guess It'll be a pillow instead.

This thing turned out really large! 85" x 106" and if it looks like it goes on forever in the pic, it does!

Andrew's top waiting for the backing. 
DW will stay naked for a few days. I have to sit and do some piecing/sewing on the BOM's. I could load Stitcher's Garden. It's ready and I'm ready, but Wendy wants to get a quilt sandwiched using DW and I don't want to load him up and then have to unload him the next day. I don't know when she'll be coming over and I don't want to rush Stitcher's Garden to accommodate her needs so I'll leave DW in rest mode for a bit. (Ugh!)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Not Much To Report

I did get a start on the pillow cases yesterday morning prior to leaving for Lowell with mom. I'll finish those first thing this morning and then mosey along from there. It is small project Sunday and I have yet to determine what that small project may be.

Nothing on DW to show.

Nothing completed.

No pics to share.

Bad day for studio work. Let's make today better!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Forgive Me Father

Virtually nothing with quilting yesterday. 

I didn't turn on my machine(s). I didn't thread a needle. I didn't even fire up the iron. Forgive me!

When I said virtually, I actually did do one little thing yesterday. I purchased pillow case fabric for our new Christmas ensemble. It's pre-washed and ready to get ironed on the pressing table. 

Pillowcase fabric
Yep. That was the extent of my quilting day yesterday.

And today will be nearly identical.

Mom and I are going walkabout today in Lake Odessa. I haven't a clue what time I'll be returning, but thanks to the coyotes, I'm up earlier then usual (again) and can get some of the prep work needed to get these done maybe later tonight while Jim's watching the Spartans in Indy?!?

Go Green! Go White! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Errand Day.

The little kid has to go to the dentist today. I have to run to get him (since he's still without license). I'm going to do errands while I'm out and about which means, very little time in here until later tonight.

After showing my quilt last night (and the ensemble that goes with it), I realized this morning I did not make pillow cases to match. The spring/summer ones WILL NOT work. I'm going to have to pick up fabric today to make it all look festive.

April was looming hats last night at our meeting. It was very intriguing to me since I'm inept at both knitting and crochet. I checked out some youtube videos this morning about this loom thing and this may be something I can actually do. Kathy said there was a set of looms at our local discount store and I think maybe that will be stop #1.

Stop #2. Get the kiddo.

Stop #3 is to B, B, and B to pick up a new fitted sheet for our bed since ours is losing its elastic. Sure wish I could make these instead.

Stop #4. Best Buy. Gotta pick up Jim's birthday present.

Stop #5. Credit Union. Must deposit check received for Margaret's three quilts.

Stop #6. The Hen House to pick up some festive fabric to do those darn pillow cases...which I'll do when I finally get back home.

There are a few other stops in there, but I won't bother.

Here's the wall hanging that goes with the Christmas Triangles quilt.

Christmas Wall Hanging
I also finished this piece yesterday. Well...almost. There is one little finishing touch I need to add but that's one of the unmentionable stops from above.

After finishing grandma yesterday, and before going to guild, I started working on my Craftsy BOM. This is our last "class" were we start putting all the beautiful blocks together. Here's the center section.

Center Medallion
This pic turned out blurry (???) but you get the idea. These fabrics are so very striking!

On to my errands.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Have Heat!

Yesterday was another very interrupted day. We were dealing with the heat issue most of the morning with little success. While I was on again, off again, needed to run fix-it interference, I got these little guys Jim and I made this year, out onto the front porch.

Ho, ho, ho!
Jim, at last, relegated the heating/plumbing snafu to a professional plumber. Once Jim took off for work, I started long arming (finally). As I was getting into my groove, said plumber showed up and I had to assist him (to make sure there was no leaking of both air and water).


It's done!!!!!!!

Christmas Triangles Completed!
Here's some of the quilting detail (and now you know why it took so darn long).

Christmas Triangles Corner Detail
Basically, right after I completed the quilt, I had to get the wall hanging on DW. It's a set you know?

Christmas Wall Hanging
I'll work on that most of this morning. It shouldn't take too awful long.

The other thing I worked on (between Jim running around bleeding the radiators in each of the rooms) was getting this little lady pinned and ready to get underneath Mike.

Getting ready to quilt and detail out
I wanted to actually do this piece under DW but it's really too small to get between the leaders. I could have used an extended piece of backing to get in on there, but I the way yesterday worked out it was easier to occupy my time just doing it this way.

And, it didn't phase me the past three days exactly what month we are (already) in. I would like to fit in some BOM's today, but we'll see?!?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 3

This is my third day working diligently (or as much as possible) on our Christmas quilt. I feel like it's never going to get done and my mind says it's time to work on something else.

It was nearly 8:00 last night before I shut down and with the lack of sleep the previous evening, I'm surprised I made it that long.

We had a lot of activity around the place yesterday, but I did actually get some quilting done so I have no room to grouse.

While I was long arming last night, Jim was downstairs working on the drywall. He was just about done and then I noticed a flurry of activity up and down the stairs. When I finally investigated said activity, I found my husband in a sea of towels, water, and anxiety.

He hit the copper piping that goes into our heating unit (which is a boiler system with water and everything) with one of his drywall screws. Yep, he punctured it and now we have no heat.

He had to take today off to deal with this. I hope he knows what he's doing. From what I can ascertain after checking in this morning, it looks more like the Bisquick and Duct Tape approach to fixing the problem, but hey, what do I know? I'm not a construction person. Let's just hope for heat and completion of this darn quilt!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Silver and Gold

Christmas Triangles is loaded (finally). Didn't think I'd ever get there.

Christmas Triangles
I'm doing this quilt a different way then any other previous quilt. I did find out multiple threads can be passed through the needle at once (thank you Virginia at Gall Sewing, and Chris at Friends Quilting Basket for your advice). I've achieved this amazing feat and I love the results!

Silver and Gold
DW was actually quilting when I snapped this pic. Pretty cool!

Because I am having such great success in using two threads, and Angela Walters suggested a technique on her blog about the hassle of changing out threads, I'm doing all the silver and gold thread first. Which means, I quilt, roll, quilt, roll, etc. The green and red areas are currently being ignored and I'll just start from the bottom and work my way up to do those later today. I think (hope) this works.

While DW was quilting out some more intricate corner motifs I was able to get a little more done on my guild challenge piece. Not much, but some.

Slowly moving along
I have window guys already here this morning to replace the Family Room windows. Mom will be here right after them to pick up Christmas lists, and then Jim's aunt is stopping by later after mom to pull her trailer out of the barn. I don't think I'm going to get much done in here today with all the hoo-haa, but I'll sneak in some quilting time between peoples (hopefully) and continue along with these two projects.