Think about this.....

...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slow Day

Yesterday afternoon was one of those afternoons I just could not get my energy up. After lunch, I spent the day on the couch reading, reading, and reading some more. My little "disease" reminds me every once in a while when I'm going too fast and I need to take a day out and just chill.

Prior to having the batteries run down on me I was able to get the Stars and Moon quilted. I merely did some free motion loops, stars, and stippling throughout. I traced the appliqué pieces so when the quilt was washed, they would start to fray and create a nice informal look to them.

We have errands to run today. Jim's cousin is bringing over one of his two boats to store in the barn, and then I can get in here to finish the T-Shirt quilt. The customer indicated what he wanted on the label to complete it.

I'll get the binding on the Stars and Moon quilt and because it's Tuesday, I'll try to get to house #14 in The First Snow series.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Homework Done

I finished my BOM homework for my class in Portland. It's not due for another couple of weeks, but I like to have things I can control off my to-do list.

That's about all I was able to accomplish yesterday because we ended up in Lansing to help the kids get a new roof on their back porch.

I did scoot over to JoAnn's to find a backing flannel for the Starts and Moon quilt. Hopefully I got enough?!?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Sunday Again

I have no idea where today may take me. I have so many things I want to delve into but just need to sit here and get my head wrapped around where I want to go in my day.

I finished the Stars and Moon top yesterday. I love working with flannel!

Hearts and Moon
I thought the kit came with a piece of backing fabric and after checking into it this morning, found the piece I have left over is actually for the binding. I'll have to see if I have a large enough piece around here to maybe get it on DW soon.

The commissioned T-Shirt quilt, for the most part is completed. Only the label is left to design and adhere. I'll have to wait for a response from the customer prior to completing it to see what he may want the label to include.

Finished (almost)
I have homework for my BOM in Portland. I should probably go there at some point.

The cording foot my friend loaned me for my Janome is still not the right shank width so I feel like I need to order one from somewhere on-line for my machine. Ugh! It would have been nice to work on my Stupendous Stitching class.

It seems like there is one little road block in wherever it is I want to travel to. Time to take the bull by the horns and rectify some of these missing pieces.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Flannel. Ya Love It or Ya Don't

Heartstrings quilt top is finished. The directions indicate I should lob off all those points and square the quilt up with that method. I'm not so sure about that choice in direction. I'll sit on it a few days and decide where I want to go with it.

Heartstrings. What to do with the edges?
I have some amazing quilt friends! I mean, AMAZING! One of them overheard me discussing my fabric stash, or rather my diminishing fabric stash. I'm not your typical quilt maker that only makes one or two a year. It's more like one or two a week and that burns through a stash toot-sweet.

Knowing this, she volunteered to give me fabrics she was going to just pitch. She was actually going to throw two totes full of fabric away. The idea of it just makes me just wince.

Instead, she asked if I wanted it and of course a resounding "yes" immediately passed through my lips. I know this lady and she does not buy second-rate fabrics. In fact, her purchases are usually of the highest quality and so I knew I had a quilting God Mother looking out for me.

This is one of several kits that were in one of the totes. I couldn't resist diving right in on it. It's too darn cute not to work on and it's all done in flannels. Some of them are soooo soft! I have an amazing walking foot on my Janome (Temp) and it kept all those layers together just fine. Here's where I ended last night.

Stars and Moon
This may end up being a really cute quilt for Tristan to hang out on when he comes to visit since his parents (our son and DIL) are astrophysicists.

Don't know if I'll get to work on this today or not. There is some muttering about whether we need to head into Lansing to assist our other son and DIL with roof replacement. Who knows?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Cleaning

Here's my wonderful husband reconnecting my computer and speakers, and other technology items after getting the really big desk out of the way!

See the bulky desk to his right? That was actually perpendicular to where it is now and right at the end of my pressing/planning table. Once the boys return home, they can haul the desk to the basement or some other location.

Here's the little corner of my technological world now in my sewing room. Yeah! So much better!

New tech area!

I attended a planning class yesterday in Portland for a BOM class that begins in October. Lovely ladies who own Around the Block Quilt Shop and what great classes they offer. This is my first with their shop, so it should be really fun!

While the blocks we'll be creating aren't anything of extreme difficulty, the purpose of the class is not to do a BOM but rather familiarize yourself with all the wonderful stitches our machines have on them using simple blocks to begin with.

How many of you have a machine with a few more then just the basic stitches, but you don't really use but just a few of the stitches? I will also raise my hand to that question! This is going to change for me and my guild friend A. (she prefers to remain anonymous) drastically over the next 12 months and I'm so excited since I have two of these useful [less] machines in my possession.

Wonderful trunk show at guild last night with Pat from Jackson, Michigan! She and I must be quilting spirits since we like the same colors schemes and patterns. It's too bad she no longer owns her quilt shop in Monroe. I could go see her and my dad both from time to time.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Disliking Hot Glue Guns

I finished my little initials project. It required me to hot glue some of the pieces. Previously I loved to use my hot glue gun. The new gun (since the old one finally conked out) is a piece of work. Glue everywhere, melting glue oozing out of the tip constantly, not feeding the glue sticks in correctly, the trigger would catch and dispense no glue or big globs at once. It was a trial!

My initials to hang in the studio
When I purchased the gun, I didn't look at quality; only price. As the saying goes...

Moving along.

The t-shirt quilt is on the frame. And that's about as far as it got, although that took up the remainder of the morning.

Commissioned T-Shirt Quilt ready for quilting
Jim and I started taking about how crowded the studio is. I love my desk space, but the desk that is currently in here is WAY too big for the space it's in/that I have available in this room. It needs to be relocated. I have an antique sewing table under my cutting table just sitting there doing nothing. I have drawers under my planning/pressing table that become burdensome when trying to move the table to press large tops or backing, so those need a new home. The printer is on an end table that Ben built for us years ago and I have another antique sewing machine in a cabinet downstairs that I'm going to swap out. Yes, we are planning on rearranging my studio...AGAIN! It is fall after all and as Caleb mentioned yesterday, it's time for me to move something within the house.

The afternoon found me just at my sewing machine finishing the blocks for my Heartstring quilt I started on Sunday. Here it is on the planning wall.

I love reproduction fabrics. They are so soothing and appealing to me. Some very lucky baby will end up with this quilt in the future.

BTW, and not quilting related, but Jim and I are grandparents. Our first. Last week on 9/18 little Tristan Andrew was born in California. 7 lb., 7 oz. 20 in. long. He already has two of grandma's (boys that sounds funny) quilts, but I'm sure he'll get more soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It takes longer to computerize the quilts and customize them that way then it does to merely free motion...even if you choose to free motion a rather busy design.

While the two charity quilts I did for my guild friend are larger then most I have put on DW, it still took me all day to do quilt #2. I found out after taking it out of the bag that it wasn't much smaller then quilt #1, so DW and I had another full day together today.

Here's the quilt and some of the quilting detail within:

A glimpse of the second quilt
Quilting detail on one of the "empty" blocks
I still have another day with DW on the commissioned T-shirt quilt. This one will be done mostly free motion. The customer wants names incorporated into it so we'll use the computer ONLY for that.

Since it was Tuesday, it was time for house #13. Only two more to go. They have been fun to do and Tuesday's won't be the same after they are completed. I found some fabric in my stash with Rudolph on it and incorporated him into the block. Isn't he cute?

The First Snow #13

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Thing? Really?

I do a little bit of quilting for the charity quilts others make in our guild. One of our members gave me those two quilts on Sunday to tackle, and I thought, 'I can knock both of these out in one day.'

Not so much!

I decided to play with my computer (take advantage of all the learning that I can) with the first quilt and holy cow, it took me ALL DAY!

It's a pretty good sized quilt though; 69" x 93 1/2" which could be why it did take longer then I anticipated.

But it's nearly done. I ran out of decent lighting last night and decided to look for tie-off threads today in the natural sunlight rather then counting on my one light over DW in the studio.

Here it is on the frame.

Charity Quilt #1 for Barb S.
I'll take care of number 2 today.

I'm really happy with most of the quilting I did, but not so happy with what happened in the sashing sections. I should probably rip them out and redo them, but they are all double stitched and quite honestly, it's a charity quilt, and I don't think the recipient is going to say, "Wow, this quilt is a piece of crap," because of the quilting.

I did do a bit of sewing after long-arming. I did a few more passes on the project I started at sew-in on Sunday; Heartstrings. When it rolled around to 9:00 and I had been in here for 11 hours, decided it was probably a good idea to just relax the rest of the night and take on more today.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sew-In Weekend

I love sew-in weekend. The guild members (and sometimes non-members) all meet at our local library and sew charity quilts, or sew whatever they want to actually. I have done my bit for our charity drive already so I worked on those darn Amish Star tops.

I'm not going to show you the actual tops, but here's proof they are now ready for DW. Well, actually, I have to find backing fabric for them and then DW can do his thing, but at least I feel a little better since all three of the parents' Christmas gifts are on their way.

Amish Star tops for my MOL and my father
While taking some marathon sewing breaks, I moseyed downtown to find some backing fabric for the T-Shirt quilt. We are fortunate in our little town to have not one, but two local quilt shops and an even bigger bonus is they are practically right next door to each other.

I didn't find anything on Friday when I had to fetch some more black fabric for the Amish Stars, so I visited the other shop on Saturday and found the perfect backing!


It matches that border perfectly!
It is a rarity that I go in more then two days for sew-in, but two other members said they would come in Sunday to sew and Jim had other plans so I went in too. I'm glad I did because it took me until 3:30  yesterday afternoon to get the last border on the last quilt for dad.

I usually arrive home from sew-in shortly after 5:00 and while I don't feel like actually sewing anymore, I do still feel like working on some other project. Here's what I started in the evening hours of the weekend. They are going to be so cute when I get them completed.

This is quilting? Ahhh, you'll see!
Wendy H. and I signed up for a class while we were sewing on Saturday in Ann Arbor in a few weeks. So looking forward to that! I assisted Carol R. in getting two more rolls of batting on Friday morning for our charity quilts, and Barb S. brought in two charity quilts for me to quilt this week on Sunday. Wow! What a weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


There is a sense of accomplishment when a top becomes completed. This has been hanging around my studio WAYYYYY too long!

Waiting, and waiting...
I was waiting for the photograph in the center block to come via email so that quilt top could be completed. It finally came through on Tuesday and so here are the blocks.

The next pic didn't turn out really well, but after yesterday, both borders are on and now I am in search of backing fabric.

It's better then it looks!
The customer said the quilt recipient loves red and green, but doesn't want the quilt too "Christmas-y". Hmm...this could be an interesting search. First stop, LQS's in Charlotte. We'll start there later today and see what we can find at B's and The Hen House.

Since Tuesday came and went, I had to make my weekly The First Snow block. Here is week #12.

Week #12
The house sort of looks like it's tipping over from the pic, doesn't it?

I'm going to start on the Mondo bag today because all my other projects are on supply hiatus. I need a cording/couching foot for one project. I need the rest of my pattern back from my quilting friend for the other. I need sashing fabric for piecing together the Amish Stars quilts, and I need the rest of the blocks for all the BOM's.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Easy Peezy

This blog is going to be easy because the only sewing-type of thing I did yesterday was run to Marshall House and pick up gridded fusible for my Mondo Bag.

That's it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Finishing this little Squirmy Wormy quilt was about all that was accomplished yesterday.

While I was rolling the quilt to work on further blocks, I noticed somebody peeking out at me. Jim was here in the studio with me and he saw the same thing and it sure made us giggle.

At any case, here's the finished quilt.

Squirmy Wormies
My T-shirt customer finally got back with me and I'll be tackling that for the next few days. However, today we have to run errands, mow moms lawn (again), and I haven't a clue when I'll be back home. Tomorrow may be another light blogging day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lazy Sunday's

Sundays are for doing what you want. Sundays are for lazing around and taking your time and enjoying whatever comes your way each hour. It seems like I get more done when I subscribe to that theory.

While I didn't do any actual long arming yesterday, prior to the kids showing up Saturday, I started working on Squirmy Wormies and this is some of how I'm quilting the piece.

Squirmy Wormy Quilting
I'm following the fabric for my quilting muse I suppose.

I started this next piece on Friday night. It's been in the back of my head for a while and I finally found a good pic on Google Images that let me take a good hard look at what I needed to do to make it my own.

Here's the finished result:

Hopefully I'll have this whole "rainbow of colors" pull out of my system, but I do love this piece and after showing the guild members what I did on Thursday, I'll hang it in my studio. I have a crayon quilt top in the spare room I need to get quilted yet and I think, for some lucky child, this would make an excellent room theme and I have two elements that would look amazing in there.

Are you sick of hearing about me making Amish Star blocks? I know I'm pretty spent with their construction. I knocked out the last eight yesterday evening.

Here's the pile I have to tote to sew-in this coming weekend. I'll have the members assist me in block placement since, together, we all make the colors work to the very best.

54 Blocks made; two quilt tops to go

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scheduling Conflicts

Apparently my idea of the "perfect" day and Jim's idea are much different. I've tried talking to him about taking out the middle of the day for errands and I don't think the talk worked.

After quilting my new project and having lunch, he decided we needed to run into town to eradicate all the accumulated donation items we loaded in the truck the other day while cleaning out the barn. On to Hospice, Meijer, the Post Office, the Credit Union, and then the coffee shop we went.

When we returned back to home I had lost much of my momentum.

I relaxed and enjoyed my coffee on the back deck pondering whether to head back into the studio or to just call it a day. The pull to come back in here was much too great and I found myself back into where it is I love to spend time.

This room, this place, this area, is mine alone. When Jim's family added the Family Room addition on to this house, they rarely spent any time in this room and it still held true into the early years of our marriage. Occasionally the kids would come into this room and play video games with grandpa, but that wasn't usually for very long since the kids were very young then.

This place that I've made comfortable for me used to be the living room when Jim and his sisters were young. A time that family was family and not busted up by divorces and remarriages. I still don't feel like this house is mine. Since we've come back and renovated and changed a lot of the appearances of the place, it still reeks of Jim's family and some of the good, and not so good, memories.

But this room is kind off the beaten path in the footpath going through the home. It's tucked behind the kitchen and away from the family room. It jetties off the hallway heading towards the bathrooms and bedrooms. It's one doorway to outside and another back into reality. While I'm here I can lose myself in creativity, frustration, technology, and my passion for quilting. I can jam to my tunes and have the world at my fingertips through my computer. I love, love, love this room!

So, I had to come back even after the slight hiccup in my day.

Here's what DW had put on him.

Squirmy Wormy
After I loaded this quilt up and selected the thread I looked over and remembered where I left off with my other little project from yesterday. I sewed the front of the binding on and began blind stitching the back before my attention was again diverted elsewhere. Here's where it stands as of last night.

Circle of Geese
I love the close quilting I did in this on my new Janome machine. It free motions like a dream and I truly enjoy working with my free motion foot almost as much as I do on DW with the bigger projects. I'm so thankful to have this wonderful machine at my disposal; a small price to pay for Jim not listening to my wishes of uninterrupted days I think!

Because I'm really getting the hang of how Temp works (I call him Temp because he's temporary until my real machine is available which will be identical, but brand new) I thought I'd head in yet another direction with another small project.

Here's where I went after putting down the Circle of Geese binding.

Thread Sketching
The paper on the left is what I'm using as a guide as to how I'm sketching with thread on the right. For some reason I'm all into this rainbow stuff lately and thought maybe this would be a nice topper to that pull before moving back into my other five projects.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Project

After finishing the Little Girl Block quilt, I stumbled across something yesterday I just could not get my mind off of. Actually, there were two things that kept itching to get out, but for now, we'll just reveal (kind of) the one project.

First, here's the quilt that was finished.

Litte Girl Squared
This quilt will probably be up for sale.

When I see a pattern or a quilt that really catches my eye, I save the project either into my FB favorites or send it to myself in an e-mail so I can reference it later. If it's forgotten, I go back to those two resources to seek out anything I may want to work on different from any current projects at a later time.

If I send it to my two resources and then still can't get my mind off of it, I usually dig right in and begin it as soon as possible because I'll keep obsessing about it until I do.

This block piqued my interest a while ago. I know this because yesterday when I saw it again on a post, found I could not get my mind off of it, and while digging through my patterns basket, guess what I found?  I won't reveal what it looks like, but here's where I left off prior to going to guild meeting last night.

My latest pursuit
I'll finish this today and hopefully get it quilted up along with the second project I also just HAVE to work on. It's cold and gloomy outside, and since it's Friday, I give myself permission to play and enjoy the time I have to do what it is I simply love to do. Create!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Little of This...

...and a little of that. Here's The Farmer's Wife blocks from yesterday.

#44 and #45
I still don't know what's up with my camera?!? Somedays it takes excellent pics, and others, I just don't know.

Prior to beginning TFW blocks yesterday, I finished my new little project I started the previous day. This is my new little take-along hexagon pouch I can conveniently carry around in my purse. Handy, huh?

This is the inside

This is the cover

This is the back side
Too cute! Maybe I should make something like this for all my friends in our guild for quilt camp? 

After working on my DSM's for a while I migrated into the spare room to match backs and tops together for my next quilting project. 

Here's what's on the frame now.

A nice young girls' quilt for somebody 

Flutterby quilting
I'm quilting it pretty loosely so that it will be more snuggly for the recipient, whomever that may be. 

I started making the binding for this quilt and realized I didn't have any more Farmer's Wife foundations made for later. I closed down all the machines and got on the computer to draft four or so more foundations out and then gave up for the night.

This morning took us out to the barn to begin cleaning which is why I'm not blogging until nearly 3:00 today. I won't be here long either since tonight is our guild night, but I'll putter until I have to leave for that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Project

Here is Tuesday's house of the week. It's supposed to have reindeer by the front door, but I think what I have is plenty quite honestly. And, for me to figure out how to make those darn reindeer without a pattern (one was not supplied), would probably be disastrous.

Week #11
I continued along with my day drafting the next set of The Farmer's Wife blocks and then making two more.

#42 and #43
At this point I had a splitting headache (apparently there's another storm headed our way), but didn't want to leave my studio yet. I ran across a pattern via and Quilt Monkey for a little hexi pouch I can easily carry around in my purse. It involved just sitting down and making a few hexagons and then stitching them together. So, another project is born.

When I finally quite last night, here's what I had gained so far.

I love hexagons and can't wait to start putting my thousands together someday. I'm still thinking about what it is I'm going to do with all of them, but in the meantime, I keep making them. So this little additional project will give me the opportunity to take even a few of them with me to Jim's doctors appointments, visiting with family trips, etc.

It's a gloomy, rainy day out today. So perfect for me to hang out here and just sew and jam to Pandora.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Despite having to catch up from our electricity outage (doing three loads of laundry, mowing the lawn, and going to see our new cousin, Kira Marie) I was still able to get into the studio to do something...anything to get back in here!

I finished the binding on the Craftsy BOM 2013 and now the quilt is complete!

Craftsy BOM 2013
Two more of The Farmer's Wife blocks (again with an awful pic).
40 and 41
Notice the oops in #41. Am I going to replace it? Nope.

Haven't thought about what I'm going to do today. DW is empty, and I have four or five projects on my table, so we'll see where the wind and the weather takes us to today.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Absolutely Nothing

Being without electricity can certainly put a damper on quilting. Especially when you have a weekend filled with running around, helping kids move, celebrate kids birthday, mowing moms lawn, helping kids fix new house after a break-in, etc.

Right after I wrote my last post on Friday, we had some 70 mph straight-line winds come through our neck of the woods that rendered us without the means to produce electrical current. We came back on last night around 8:00 but by that time I was too pooped from the weekends activities to do much of anything.

Today will be filled with catching up. It's amazing how quickly the house can get out of sorts when the means to keep it in line is taken away. Laundry comes to mind first.

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's 5:00 Somewhere

Actually, it's 5:00 here and I'm just getting into my studio. Earlier today was errand day. Linda G. yard sale (for woodworking items), crazy lady yard sale (for backing fabric), credit union, vendors at Frontier Days for potpourri (for mom and me both), and then up to Saranac to pick up our butchered piggy. Oh, and back to Linda G.'s with the Dodge to pick up the garage door opener we could not get into the Jeep.

After loading Ben's bike into the truck and getting some hoses put away for winter, as well as other miscellaneous chores around the house, I'm ready to start having some "me" time.

Number 38 and 39 were done yesterday on The Farmer's Wife blocks.

38 and 39

Prior to working on The Farmer's Wife blocks, I finished long-arming my 2013 Craftsy BOM quilt!

Here is one section that turned out particularly well.

I love this section of the quilting!
I started the binding for this prior to heading off to guild last night and so will start with that today. I think I'll just machine bind it since it won't be going to show.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

More of the Same

Prior to Jim's appointment yesterday, I did some long-arming on the Craftsy 2013 BOM. Another feather or two and these really cool safety pin looking things. They're kinda cute.

A curved feather

Safety pin things
After his appointment and a few errands later, we finally got back home and I started in on The Farmer's Wife blocks for the day. Intending to only produce one, I actually got two completed. The first one on the left was paper pieced. The second one was using the templates.

#36 and #37. Can you see the bo-bo in one of the blocks?
While I did get a response back from the developer of QuiltPro, I did not have the energy to sit down and draw out the foundation piecing for #37 using the polygon tool.

Later, after I completed these two blocks, I did get into the QuiltPro program and was able to figure out (through the developers directions) how to get the polygon tool to work; and it works like a charm!

I was able to draw out three more blocks last night and get them printed out for today.

I did clean the lens off on my camera and am still getting this fuzziness on my distance pics. Not sure what's going on with that but it may be time to rethink how I photograph my pics each day. The camera seems to be not working properly?!?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Two more of The Farmer's Wife blocks today. #34 and #35.

34 and 35
Jim asked just how many of these blocks I had to make and I checked in my book to see. 111 for the largest quilt; and of course, I have to make the largest one.

As I'm making this quilt, I'm already asking myself just how in the world I'm going to quilt it. Is this something long-armers do? I think it is!

The First Snow block is done for this week.

Week #10
I did some more long-arming on the Craftsy BOM 2013 quilt. I'm doing a little at a time to get a feel for the various motifs I'm selecting and planning on how to do each block. It's pretty fun and yesterday I actually made a decent looking feather.

A "real" feather
It would probably help if I wasn't using a thread that you could see so well but quite honestly, with all the colors in this quilt, I don't think it would have mattered what thread I chose.

My Sugar Block BOM was completed as well and you can see that on my new profile pic for the month of September on FB. I think this quilt is going to be pretty nice once we get to put it together; I love the reproduction prints I choose to work with while making it.

The rest of the afternoon/evening put me outside mowing the lawn (since Jim can't stand to push on the "gas" with his bum leg).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Farmer's Wife

After doing some housecleaning yesterday and then running over to my mom's to hook her fifth wheel up for her fishing trip, I was finally able to get into my studio. Well, first I had to make two loaves of bread and some brownies, but then I got in there.

About all that was accomplished was playing with QuiltPro and working on a few "test" blocks to see whether this foundation conversion was actually going to pan out.

It did! It really, really did!

Here are my first two converted blocks and now I'm on a run.

I think my camera has a dirty lens, because all my pics seem to be coming out fuzzy. Hmm?

Since today is Tuesday, and it's after the first of the month, I have a BOM/BOW to work on and then maybe a few of these blocks, and maybe some long arming, and oh, I'm washing sheets today, so we'll be fitting everything together as the day progresses. At least the sun is finally out. Hurray!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lots and Lots

I must be ADD/ADHD or some other type of attention deficit something or another. It works better for me (said Jim this morning) if I have a lot of options for my days activities.

While it drives me crazy to have this many projects all over the studio in the middle of limbo land, I really like doing something for a while and then moving along after I become bored or if its not working out that day.

Yesterday was proof. Here's where I started. I love, love, love making pebbles. I set my cruise at about 36% and just pebbled away.

Pebbles and wonky swirls

It was nearly lunch time by the time I turned off DW. After lunch, I finished the t-shirts for the quilt I had so far. The customer has indicated some custom quilting (children's names) and a block with the mothers house in it. The last block in the corner will have the house once I get a pic and get it onto fabric.

Just need one more block!

During lunch I like to peruse the web and Pinterest to see what kind of artistic inspiration I can derive. Or, if somebody puts a Facebook post out there, I investigate it further and add it to my posts for later use or reference. Yesterday, this sparked my interest. 

A little break-up project between other things

I know this pic is of really poor quality, but the idea is a raggy cathedral window made out of jeans and those fruit/veggie fabrics as the center. I made a little table topper out of a pair of jeans Caleb has since blown enough holes into to retire to my fabric stash. 

I like how easily this went together (and I was not measuring or being careful AT ALL)! I haven't washed it yet to fluff it up and when I do I'll take a better pic. My thinking is maybe this can be the next reunion quilt but with something other then food in the center. 

From there, I headed back into Amish land and this is our count after yesterday.

Only 8 more to go!
It started getting dusky out and I was kind of tired, but still wanted to stay in here since Jim was either a) taking a nap or b) watching Tiger baseball, both of which I do not participate in. 

I started thinking about all the technology I (thankfully) have at my finger tips and what other projects I had hanging around here needing to complete waiting for me to technological complete them. The Farmer's Wife quilt is one of those very things. I started this about two years ago (or thereabouts). I quit after block #31 because using all those little templates were enough to drive a person insane. At least me anyway.

My next "large" project I guess

Epiphany! I have software called QuiltPro. It's like Electric Quilt but made for a Mac, and it's actually easier to use. I haven't played with it much since I purchased it and thought to convert all those little templates into paper pieced blocks would at least increase the accuracy. I like to paper piece and do not like templates, so this may be a winner. 

We'll see how it goes today since I spent the time recreating block #32 and printing out the paper templates for it last night.