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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today's Theme: Larger Quilts

If'n you haven't noticed, I've posted a lot of little-sized quilts previously. Not too many full sized because I'm still learning how to quilt on my relatively new long-arm machine. A large quilt is a huge undertaking even if doing a free motion meander.

I'm getting relatively comfortable with DW and started taking on larger quilts with him as the winter progressed. Here are a few done earlier this winter, and a few done more recently.

Ben and Alisha's Wedding Memory Quilt

This top has been sitting around for about two years. I love, love, love this  selvedge quilt!

My new daughter-in-laws quilt (Laura) when she comes to visit us in Michigan

A graduation gift (t-shirt quilt) from a family friend father to his daughter. Her open house is today in fact!

Caleb's 20th birthday quilt. He's a student at Michigan State University!

A Jenny Doan (Missouri Star Quilt Company) pattern I just HAD to make!
Believe it or not, I have even more to post in the next few days. We have company coming today to enjoy our amazing weather here in central Michigan. It will be fun sharing these in person with them and giving my own little trunk show here at the house.

Keep quilting!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beautiful Spring

With the brutal winter we had, it's hard to stay inside and work in the studio. But, the bugs have changed my way of thinking; they have a tendency to do that. Pesky little critters that are a way of life for other living creatures.

This little quilt features creatures I'm sure need those pesky bugs to survive or co-habitate with them. This top had been sitting in my closet for about a year or more and yesterday was the time to get it completed for the customer who requested it. The frog was made with the same fabrics in the quilt and he requested I get him the finished quilt to chill out on.

Frog Patch for Dan and Kim
Here are a few more of the quilts finished over the winter months while trying to maintain an unfrozen state of being:

This hangs in our "blue" bathroom now. This is not for sale. 

A charity quilt for our local SIREN chapter. Duckies In a Row

A charity quilt called Across the Square

A charity quilt called Chutes and Ladders

A charity quilt called Here Fish-y, Fish-y

Some of these may be repeats from previous posts but hey, I'm only human.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More, more, more

I need more familiarity on this iCloud thing, but have figured out a way (of many, I'm sure) to move pics from my iPad. Here are a few more quilts to view.

Blocks and Triangles

I didn't make this quilt but did quilt it for a customer

Fun Flannel (Charity Quilt)

Block in a Block

This is not my quilt either but an early on customer quilt

Scrappy Stars

Ashley and Chauncey Wedding Quilt

These quilts above are some of the earliest that came off DW in January. Every quilt on and off the frame is a learning experience. I have to keep reminding myself that when learning how to cursive write in the third grade, it took lots (and lots, and lots) of practice. To be good at anything it does take practice and thankfully I have lots of tops to do all the practicing I need (or even want).

Long-Armers: DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! I recently attended a long-arm webinar and too many of the comments were from long-arm purchasers who were just that; purchasers--NOT users. Many of them indicated they were too intimated about using their new tool to enhance their quilt making process. HA! Bring it on I say! How do you eat an elephant? One tiny little bite at a time.

Get a piece on your frame and do something. Anything. Even if it's the easy breezy stipple. You need to train your brain just like when you learned how to write cursively or memorizing your times tables. Repetition and recreation is key! Enjoy the process because I have the quilt police locked up in the chicken coop out back and they won't be at your place for quite some time.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Again, Off Again

That seems to be my mantra lately.

I think because I have a new way to snap photos of my finished quilts it's harder to post out here on a regular basis.

My iPad does an amazing job of capturing the quilts as they skate across my finish line and I'm still trying to learn how to sync it with my iMac. Something about iCloud or something-or-another.

Here are a few of what I have been up to since last time:

Squirmy Wormy

Pink Lemonade

Colorful Anita's Arrowheads


Christmas Candle

This is not a quilt but a very large addition to my studio to assist in the quilting duties!

Got Cookies?

Bathroom Basket

My (hopefully) AQS entry for the upcoming show in Grand Rapids, 2014
This is by far not the entire bunch of what it is I've been up to, but you get the gist. It's been a creative six months and a learning curve with the new long arm. I've named him DW (actually, the shop owner, Jason, and his assistant, Cindy named the long arm).

There are about 30 more quilts still hanging out on my iPad since October that have either been completed in their entirety by me, or at least long-armed by me. I like to capture those as well since I do have somewhat of a handle in their completion.

More later (so she says....)