Think about this.....

...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bags, BOD's, and Bunny

Once I got going in the studio after returning from our errands, I completed my daily BOD.

I wanted to work on Night Stars, but the day was pretty much gone and I didn't want to leave it half way. I turned to a small project to fill the rest of the night. 

Here's my "Mr. Zipper." I haven't named it yet, but it did not take as long as I thought it would.

"Hi. I need a name!"
Because I had some time left before conking out for the day, I made another bag. I think I have five so far. 

Jim and I are going to load a king-sized quilt today which should be fun. It's going to be one of my biggest. Thankfully, I'm not running anything dramatic into it so quilting it should go relatively quick. Maybe if I can convince him, Jim might run some stitches through it as well.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Corner

I think it's funny how used to things I get. I don't know, maybe we all do? It's kind of like when you know somebody has been into a room they shouldn't have been in, because just one little thing is out of place. My little corner of my studio was changed around yesterday to accommodate my new caterpillar friend and I can sense the difference while blogging this afternoon.

"New" Corner
After dusting, rearranging, and hanging stuff yesterday, I finished up my little table runner.

Little Table Runner
Once I completed the table runner and broker for lunch, I got right on DW and finished quilting Night Stars. I should probably get the binding put on it tonight. 

Once I started in here today (Jim has today off so errands this morning), I finished these pillows for Andrew from when he brought the extra t-shirt to cover my I-didn't-get-his-quilt-done tracks. 

Two Pillows to Match Andrew's Quilt
We ran to Gall this morning to try to find the correct foot for Holly. Cindy looked everywhere in the shop and all she came up with was an open-toe appliqué foot. I can use that for now, but she said she'd try to find, and order, the correct foot for the actual machine.

We had runny babbit stuff to get, some stuffing for the pillows above, and then off to HH (again) to pick up a king-sized bat for Jamie and Misty's quilt (only about six years overdue). We slipped lunch in there at the Eaton Place too, which was very nice. I love spending time with Jim no matter what we're doing.

Off I go to play in here for what is left of my day.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mr. Zipper

Isn't this little guy so darling?

Mr. Zipper
Carolyn, from The Hen House, made him yesterday between visit #1 and visit #2. She gave me the pattern and he'll definitely be on my to-do list soon. She constructed him entirely from hand (no machine sewing, yikes!) so perhaps next week she can talk me through the process?!?

My other errands yesterday produced more Stitcher's Garden homework, a few more quilts coming in for quilting, and some "How Cute's" on my Very Hungry Caterpillar. As I said yesterday, no work in here, but lots of networking out there in the world.

On a wish-list note: I test drove the Juki at Crusty Stitches and they too are now Bernina dealers. I actually sewed with them side-by-side and while I actually like the Bernina a smidge better then the Juki, it seems a little to "girly" for what I'm going to be asking of this machine. I have to keep in mind the purpose for my purchase and the Juki is truly a work horse; which is what I'm looking for in the machine traveling all over the state to sew and quilt. Now all I need to do is find a home for Laura. Once that's done I can bring in the new member of my sewing family.

On to my days happenings. It seems really quiet today so far. I'll enjoy the peace and simply embrace the day in the studio rather then out on roads, which by last night, were horrid.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Little, Two Little, Three Little...

...Bags? I ended my night making another bag for camp. It looks exactly like the previous nights' work.

I think I'm on a WIP obsession. I can't seem to stay away from those shelves and wanting to get them cleaned off. I look at my pile of items I really want to start, but can not bring myself to starting something new until I get these other things finished.

Here's something else that was hanging around here for a while (about two years I'd say).

Another WIP 
This was a fabric panel (I believe) donated by Cathy VM (I think) that I started turning into blocks. The blocks just hung around doing nothing until yesterday. This is what I ended up with in the early evening.

Prior to that I quilted that little wall hanging from a few days ago. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take it tonight to our meeting to rip out some of the quilting I don't like.

Yesterday morning I worked some more on Night Stars and am down to my last row. I won't get to work in here today because:

I have a few quilts to drop off to the HH for Audrey to pick up
I have to get gas
I have to stop by Crusty Stitches (LOL) and test drive a Juki
Then off to Portland for Stitcher's Garden II prep/planning session.
From there it's back to the HH to pick out some batting and other materials, and
Then off to our weekly guild meeting and to drop off Vicki's quilt too (as well as other items to Katie and Betsy).

Wow, for not working in my studio I'm sure going to do a lot of quilt-like things.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quilt Surgery

Most often, only a few minor things go wrong when I'm long arming. Then, sometimes, something really goes wrong. Like this:

This is NOT good!
I spent a while underneath Night Stars removing this mess and then had to figure out what exactly happened here. Any guesses?

The person who guessed mis-threading the machine gets the prize! I had missed the take-up eye when switching out threads. It astounds me how one missed piece of the thread path will hose up what would have been an otherwise perfectly good stitch.

I am about 3/4 of the way through Night Stars now and after this little mishap, decided to end the long arming portion of my day.

While digging out WIP's on Sunday, I threw some Quilt U fails onto my sewing desk. They've been bugging me since then and I had to take care of these. I couldn't consciously put them back on the shelves and they were cluttering up my otherwise neat work space. Here's what I came up with.

Little Table Runner
I'll quilt this out on Mike and probably donate it to our Bazaar this fall.

I had some fabric left over from this little project and decided to combine efforts. I want to thank the following three [free] websites/Youtube channels for their contributions: The Crafty Gemini, Shabby Fabrics, and Craftsy-Bag Making Basics.

I want to make draw string bags for quilt camp this year; my quilt fairy contribution. I selected the best from each of the three sites above and started writing out a pattern and directions to accomplish the task.

This is a new avenue for me. I'm more of a 'same but different' kind of girl, and when it comes to actually sewing, even more so. I wanted to run a prototype through the process to see if I figured and calculated everything right. It seems I'm not so lame after all since it worked! The blue bag was done from one of sites and the yellow bag is the combination of them all.

Getting the ball rolling on the quilt fairy gifts.
Even after sifting through my convoluted directions, and adding more verbiage, it took a little under an hour. It would take Wendy about 10 minutes. Okay, five then, but nobody likes a showoff (wink, wink).

The weather is providing an excellent day to work in here (it's cold, gloomy, and a bit snowy) and I haven't a clue where I'm going with the day. Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Night Stars is On!

It's loaded and I'm almost half way through.

Quilting Night Stars
A mixture of free motion, ruler work, and computer work is being done on this quilt. It kind of breaks up the monotony of just doing one or the other.

Next up and done is the naughty caterpillar.

The Very Hungry [Naughty] Caterpillar
I'll put him somewhere in the studio after I show the gang on Thursday night. For now, he's just hanging out on the design wall making me smile.

Here are the BOD's from last week (as promised).

Jan. 19-26
In the future, I'll plan on posting those every Tuesday morning from what was done the previous week.

Here's where the BOD's currently hang out.

Not Cool
They are just sitting on a shelf behind Mike. Footloose and fancy free; a definite recipe for disaster if I happen to bump them (which clumsy me eventually will). I needed to make a basket for them to hang out in until construction comes into play. How about this?

BOD Basket
I wanted to make something entirely different then the BOD colors I'll be using. I love these little baskets. They come in so handily for all sorts of things. Even after the end of the year when all those little blocks are done and into a quilt, I'll find another use for this cute little guy somewhere else in the studio.

More long arming today. Another BOD. Perhaps I'll start on some quilt fairy bags for camp; it is only six months away you know? The design wall is pretty empty with the exception of my caterpillar staring at me. Something needs to go back up there because the wall looks pretty bare.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogs and Facebook Pages

If you take the time to read the "good" stuff out there in cyberspace, a lot can be learned. For instance, a lady in my New Long-Armers FB site suggested loading the backing onto your frame first before even pressing it. After getting it loaded, spritz sections that have wrinkles with water to remove the wrinkles rather then taking the time to iron the backing on an ironing board (or table in my case). I decided to give it a try first thing yesterday morning.

Getting out the Wrinkles
Here's the problem. It takes a lllooonnnggg time to do this. First you spritz, then you wait to dry. Then you roll. Spritz. Wait. Repeat.

As you can see, as of this morning, Night Stars is still on the design wall and not on the frame.

I like her idea, but this is Michigan, I have a rather humid house, and drying takes forever. While waiting for the backing to dry for Night Stars, I had to remove the marks on my Caterpillar with water also after I got the rest of my appliqué work, free motion work, and channel work done. I decided to block it while removing marks and after this morning, discovered two more marks that had to be sprayed (again). Here is how I'm blocking this one.

Blocking the Caterpillar
Two items waiting to dry yesterday. I completed my daily BOD (pics tomorrow of the past week), and moved along to my WIP shelves. This is my Sunday goal until completed. No more new projects on Sunday. I need to clean off my WIP shelves and decided for sew-ins and Sundays, I'm going to tackle this task.

Here's yesterdays feat.

Two New Pillows
These are leftover fabrics from the Twirly quilt. These were found in the corner of one of the WIP shelves. Jim sorted fabrics for me while I put them together. I would have gotten more done yesterday, but Aunt June stopped by for a while and Caleb Skyped from Australia (Hi Caleb!).

Since Jim left for work earlier then usual today, I'll jam in here on "drying" things from yesterday.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Visitor Fun!

Carol R. and I got to talking on the phone yesterday morning and before you know it, she was here!

I had fun (I think she may have too) playing with DW and learning how to do circle templates on Audrey's second quilt. After Carol went back home I continued on with my quilting. By shear coincidence, learned a better way to work the circles.

When she and I were stitching them out, I was starting the circle at about 10:00 (for position). Later yesterday afternoon, I moved my position to about 7:00. It made such a difference that I can virtually quilt around the whole circle without having to move my hands. My accuracy seemed a little better as well, and the visualization of the stitches were also improved. Lesson learned.

Here's what we did together yesterday.

Audrey's Second Baby Quilt
I started to blanket stitch out my naughty Very Hungry Caterpillar while Jim was watching the game last night. Thank you Stitcher's Garden class for all the wonderful embroidery thread I'm using in it.

Today I'll putz. Jim doesn't feel like going anywhere today (since we ran to BC yesterday afternoon), and perhaps my Night Stars will finally get's only been sitting on the design wall since before the holidays and I think it's time to come down. A BOD, Caterpillar, and some searching for my fabrics for Wendy's class in a few weeks are also on the to-do list for the day.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


I was naughty yesterday. :-(

I'll get to that in a minute.

Starting with my day. My three BOD's were caught up on. No pic (yet).

I didn't make one dog bed but instead made three more, for a total of four delivered yesterday afternoon. The dog food in the background was also delivered (donated by none other then Carol R.)--and the Humane Society lady said a big "Thank You" to all of us!!

Four Dog Beds and Some Dog Food for the Eaton County Humane Society
From there, I loaded Audrey's first baby quilt (after mom left in the early afternoon).

Audrey's First Baby Quilt
Then I finished said baby quilt.

Cute, huh?
I started to load the second Audrey quilt on to the frame (Jim had went to bed and I didn't want to wake him, so firing up DW again wasn't an option). It's ready to get plumbed and basted this morning.

Then, I was naughty. I didn't come out of the studio until about 10:15. I was straightening up from the days' projects and moved these templates around twice. I didn't want to misplace them and decided to do the project just screaming at me to do. Here he is, in the rough.

My "Naughty" Work
I have to stitch around him (it's raw edge appliqué) using the Cathy Singer Appliquilting method. I'll free motion around the outside part to make him pop out, but this was so much more fun to work on then what I should have been doing. I was having such a blast I can't believe how long I actually worked in here yesterday.

Maybe my calling is to work on art-like items?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friends-Good and Bad

Lots to do today.

I picked up two additional baby quilts last night to long arm.
I am behind on my BOD's by three days.
I have the Lana quilt to start.
One of our guild members brought in a Very Hungry Caterpillar pattern for me to play with.
Another guild member brought in her circle templates I want to fool around with.
AND, I have one more dog bed to make before running up to the Humane Society later this afternoon.
I just got off the phone with mom, and she's planning on stopping by later today too. Has anybody figured out how to stretch the hours in a day to more then 24?

Here's what I finished (and all I did again) yesterday.

Vicki's Goodnight Irene
On another note: A few other guild members were at the HH last night before going over to our meeting. Long story short, there was some whoo-haa at last weeks business meeting about the quilt show our guild puts on every year. Apparently I was the center of some of the discussion(s) and I'm not sure how I feel about folks dissing me behind my back. If I could be granted three wishes, I think one would be for people to talk to your face and not be allowed to utter your name without you present. I will not dwell on this, it just saddens me that people I consider my friends are there not only stabbing the knife in my back, but turning the blade as well.

I cherish the friendships I have. I am truly fortunate to have the few close friends I do have and am so  (so, so, so) thankful they have the (pardon the language here) balls to come to me and let me know exactly what's what. Thank you Carol R. for being one of those friends. I love you and am so glad you know how to "handle" me and keep me in line. I know I'm not the easiest person to wrangle, but you have a great way of doing it and I thank you again for our friendship!!!

For those of you who don't have the courtesy of coming to me personally (either by phone, in person, a letter, a private FB message, etc.) I feel sorry for you. I pity you. I only hope you can find true happiness before it's too late because frankly, life is too damn short to be this pissy with somebody (anybody) especially when you don't know all the facts or the circumstances in which you're making inappropriate comments about; especially those who thought you were their friend.

Okay, rant done. I'll get back to what puts me in my happy place and move on with my life. I LOVE QUILTING so I'll keep on keepin' on!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Some More Dilemma's

Here's a new quilt I loaded yesterday. Ever hear the term, "CYA"?

Vicki's "Goodnight Irene" Quilt
While pressing the backing I noticed these and grabbed a pic while it was being loaded. (CYA).

Flannel Discolorations
While pressing the back of the top (I never press the top of the top), this is how some of the seams wanted to lay. Again, CYA.

Seams Every Which Way
After getting the top loaded, I had to spend some time picking out peeking threads. These are a few of what I got out of the first row alone. CYA.

Threads Ahoy!
But, I'm getting it done. I only passed the half-way mark last night before shutting down for the day. Nine hours total so far and this about ALL I did in the studio yesterday. I'm pretty pleased how this one is coming out though.

While changing bobbins, I was underneath checking my backing (I do with every bobbin change to make sure there are no puckers or pinches under there), I noticed my quilting. Sometimes the back is just as nice as the front of the quilt.

Underneath Goodnight Irene
I'll work on this until it's done today. I want to deliver it tonight at the meeting and I have two other baby tops to pick up from the HH later today from another guild member.

What's funny is that I thought after the holidays things would slow down in here for customer requests. Oddly, they've actually picked up considerably. Weird. Good, (actually great), but weird.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wavy Borders

Measuring borders, finding the center, easing into (or out of) the quilt will eliminate most any quilt-squaring problems. Exhibit 1 shown below:

Unmeasured border
I know this border was not measured because it hangs off the end and doesn't come to a stop at the side border junction. All the other borders are just like this one. Exhibit 2 shown below:

Waves and Ripples
Looking down the length of this border, there are several waves and ripples as well as a very distinct bowing to the border. This too could have been nearly eliminated had the borders been measured and eased in.

I added a half feather to try to work out the "kinks" within the border, but I have a feeling the binding is going to be tricky. I'm just glad it's not me that has to try to work that aspect of this quilt out.

MJ's Table Cloth
I am torn whether to add some pebbling between each of the feather motifs to make them stand out more. I think I'll let MJ decide that when I take it to her on Thursday.

For as little as this quilt was (only about 50 1/2" square), it took two days to complete. Probably because I was fighting with it most of the way.

Next up, a WIP. I was cleaning out the china hutch (what I use to exhibit family mementos and small quilting things) and found a WIP in there. The beginnings of a few somethings I used as examples during Quilt U a few years back (from the Mosaic Madness class). When I shut down last night at nearly 10:00, here's what I completed for the eating area table.

New Table Runner and Four Placemats
Today I have to load and get started on Vicki's quilt. I was too tired last night to load it and Jim has a long day today which gives me a lot of quality time to spend on it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunny Day

It looks like I get to see the sun for at least part of the day today. Haven't seen it in a while for any length of time and it's a welcome addition to the studio.

I started this bag at sew-in this past weekend and I decided, before delving into anything else yesterday, to finish it up. I love it, which is huge for me for all the bags I've made lately I haven't even really liked.

My new Midi Bag
It has pockets inside for my phone and my tape measure (something every quilter should carry around in their bag, right?). I also included an attached key ring to hang my many keys from.

I did my BOD yesterday (it was only a HST) and made a decision to show these on a weekly, rather then a daily basis.

The February Amish with a Twist blocks are done; 4-16 1/2" blocks. They took longer then I expected and I didn't finish those until well after lunch.

I cleaned up the studio a bit more taking care of pieces parts left over from weekend projects. I had to clear off my pressing table to press MJ's quilt back and top prior to loading. This is what DW is wearing today.

MJ's Old Blocks from New Top
When the sun was starting to shine into the studio today, I snapped a pic of some of the quilting I'm putting into the top/table cloth (MJ said she would probably use it as a table cloth).

Quilting Detail
I'll continue along with this during the morning time today. I'll work on my BOD later this afternoon, and if this piece is done later I'll then load Vicki's quilt onto the frame next. I promised both the ladies I'd have their pieces back by Thursday and since they are relatively small pieces, this should be an obtainable goal.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Relaxing Day

After I made my three BOD's I was behind on,

Days 16, 17, and 18
Jim and I pretty much hung out in the family room just chilling out eating, watching movies, and playing on our devices.

Not much else to report for yesterday in here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Pics, but Here's the Dirt

Friday: 1) Completed Thursday's two blocks worth of homework from Stitcher's Garden.
             2) Started on next month.
             3) Picked up Amish with a Twist February block kit.
             4) Made a Fat-Quarter draw string bag with MJ.
             5) Received a table cloth to quilt for MJ also.
Saturday: 1) Completed next months' two blocks of homework for Stitcher's Garden.
                2) Make a cool new block with Carol R. (she should do a mini lesson with this!)
                3) Received a quilt top from Vicki to quilt.
                4) Started a Midi Bag (similar to my Mondo bag), but need more supplies from home.
                5) Started my A.w.a.T. February block, but again, some supplies are at home.
                6) Came home and put everything back in it's place, settled in for a few weeks before I'm off and running again with my machine(s), and crashed in my chair for the night.

I'm three blocks behind in my BOD work. I'll tackle them first thing this morning and then who knows? Jim and I would like to just spend a day lounging around and recharging our batteries, and since we are STILL fighting some kind of cold-thing, it would probably be best if we did just that.

Oh, and I'm now: 1) In charge of fabric and batting scraps to stuff for dog beds we'll be making for the Eaton County Humane Society, and 2) I guess I'm the new guild newsletter writer person. Interesting what happens after a few days.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Small Steps

Here is my BOD from yesterday.

Day 15
Today's is not up yet so I'll have to do it tonight when I return home from sew-in.

Stitcher's Garden-Neutral class was yesterday. This was a two block class and a pretty intensive lesson so I have homework that will keep me busy most of today. Next month is also a two block class so preparations for it will also take place today. Many small steps make beautiful quilts.

I did not end up attending our guild meeting last night. Jim arrived home a few minutes before my leaving, and neither of us are feeling 100%; probably a mid-winter cold. I decided to stay home with him and "watch" the basketball game (which I believe we lost). Apparently I missed a good meeting from the sounds of it and will get all caught up today with the ladies.

I'm off to pick up April on my way in and to enjoy a day of laughter and fabric. My life is awesome!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello from Australia

Obviously, I'm not in Australia, but the little kid is and we were able to Skype with him last night! He's doing very well and has already done so much in his 10 days studying abroad. And even though he's there to learn, experience, and make new memories, he still finds time to tap into moms blog and catch up with what I've been up to. I have great kids!

BOD's were done first yesterday.

Days 13 and 14
I viewed a few placemat videos during lunch and found a few I'd like to do from a lady in Tecumseh, Michigan. However, I didn't do any of those because I knew they would take longer then I was willing to spend for my time yesterday. I'll do those in a few days.

I've been spinning an idea around in my head for a few weeks now. This is kind of where I'm headed.

First Run
This is my first run through my idea. It's block #1 of the Farmer's Wife, quilted instead of pieced. I used some junky thread in all but the pebble area (reason for junky looking quilting in all but the pebble area), but you get the idea.

If I decide to go ahead with this, I'll have to purchase the lot of correct threads I need, but I'm still bouncing this around.

I moved along to finishing Stitcher's Garden-Bright Colorway-HURRAY!!!

Stitcher's Garden Completed
Next up on DW was Barb's charity quilt. Jim worked a little later then expected last night so I was able to actually snap this pic prior to him arriving home. It's already quilted and I'll take it off this morning prior to heading to class/guild today.

Charity quilt for Barb S.
Stitcher's Garden class is in a few hours. Guild after that. Not much going to happen in here today I'm afraid, but at least the temps are warming (a bit) out there so it won't be so frigid when we go.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mail Call

I love getting my quilt magazines in the mail. It's like Christmas when I do. All the possibilities and fun projects just itching for me to make. It seems the patterns and fabrics available are ever increasing and I don't think in my lifetime, I'll ever be able to complete all that I want to.

Like Farm Girl Vintage. I couldn't wait to delve into this project when it arrived in the mail, and now the block making process is complete. Here are the six blocks I had left to make.

Wooly Sheep, Hollyhocks, and Tablecloth

Lolly Pops, Hearts-a-Flutter, and Windy Pinwheel
I'll put these together this weekend with the girls.

I want to make a set of new placemats for our eating area table. Since the holiday placemats were removed, the table seems rather bare.

There are a number of other areas also bare with the holiday trimmings removed. The Grinch advent calendar was on the back of our front door and now the bar hangs empty.

The stockings hanging from our shelf/quilt rack are tucked away and I want to make something new to hang there (the two quilts that usually occupy that space are becoming rather stale to me). Yet, in the back of my head, I should actually be quilting Barb's charity quilt today instead of farting around making new stuff.

Oh, the dilemma's!

My BOD didn't come up until later yesterday and was skipped until today. I'll start with the two units this morning and see where the day takes me after those are completed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snowing and Blowing

It's really blustery out there already this morning. Jim is in Grand Rapids, which has even more snow then we already do, and I keep him in my thoughts throughout the day today while he's out there trying to keep his rig on the road. I'm so very grateful for his love of what he does so I can continue to do what it is I love in the warmth of our house!

Yesterday, while the snow machine started to kick in a bit, I got all caught up in the BOD's I was behind.

Five more BOD's
The piece count thus far: 95 for the first 12 days.

I pulled Stitcher's Garden off the frame. I decided not to add any buttons to it and only a few fabric assholes where needed. This quilt, with buttons, is not baby conducive. We have brand new grand children who will be in and out of the house and we want to use this quilt; not tuck it away somewhere never to be seen again. 

Because it will be used and loved, Jim also talked me into doing a machine binding on it rather then a hand stitched binding. He likes how I can incorporate decorative stitches in the binding when I do it on the machine and I'll see if I can get it under Mike later today.

I moved along to the Farm Girl Vintage blocks after trimming the threads, trimming the batting, and squaring up Stitcher's Garden. 

Three more Farm Girls
I only have one more block left to do from the book. I had Jim select some blocks from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine's that would fit into the Farm Girl theme. He found nine more blocks that would look nice in the quilt and I'll work on those most of today. 

Barb S. gave me a charity quilt a few weeks ago to quilt for her. Even though I haven't long-armed in nearly a week, I really want to get these Farm Girl blocks done so I can lay them out during sew-in this weekend. Even though I have a large design wall here, I have a feeling being able to spread these big blocks out on the floor at the library may be the better option. 

Sew, sew, sew...enjoy, love, passion!

Monday, January 11, 2016

As Dorothy said, "There's No Place Like Home."

How can a person sweat when the temps outside are 21 degrees and the wind chills are 2 degrees? Oh, I know, I know. Drive home after a huge dump of snow with another person in the car screeching at you all while you have bad road driving anxiety. Apparently, Secret antiperspirant doesn't account for these situations.

But I'm home and it's good to be back.

I wonder at times why I do these things. I want to go back again next year, but it'll be by myself and on my own terms. I could go on, but I'll let it rest and just remember this information for next years retreat.

Here's what I accomplished (which, to my surprise, was quite a bit) over the weekend. Day 1:

Ready to quilt
Arcadia Avenue was all put together and is waiting to go on the long arm now. I have to find a backing for it first though.

I wanted to sit and relax for the remainder of the day so I got out my free motion foot and thread and finished the five blocks left from my 2014 Sugar Block blocks. These are now ready to get put together.

2014 Sugar Block Blocks
Day 2: The first BOM in Amish with a Twist.

Amish with a Twist
That went together really well, and fast. Day two and it wasn't even lunch time yet. I only brought four things to work on and already done with my third project. I moved along to my Farm Girl blocks. Even after working for the remainder of my whole time there, didn't get them all done. However, I think I'm under 10 left to go. I don't remember. Here's the box full of blocks.

Farm Girl Vintage blocks
Okay, I just counted them. I need 49 (setting them in a 7 x 7 block format). I have 40! There are four left to do from the book. I get to pick one to duplicate, and then one more to use four more times (for each of the four corners).

That about wraps up my weekend. I didn't take my BOD stash with me to work on while there. Good thing too because our internet connectivity was nearly non-existent. I have five blocks to catch up on and that's my first priority for today.

After I get those done I'll take Stitcher's Garden off the frame and start working on the embellishments. Actually, now that I think about it, it may be easier to embellish each block right on the frame. Hmmmm...I'll have to take a look to see about that. But I need to make fabric assholes, find the buttons, etc. first before I can actually get them on, right?