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Friday, January 15, 2016

Small Steps

Here is my BOD from yesterday.

Day 15
Today's is not up yet so I'll have to do it tonight when I return home from sew-in.

Stitcher's Garden-Neutral class was yesterday. This was a two block class and a pretty intensive lesson so I have homework that will keep me busy most of today. Next month is also a two block class so preparations for it will also take place today. Many small steps make beautiful quilts.

I did not end up attending our guild meeting last night. Jim arrived home a few minutes before my leaving, and neither of us are feeling 100%; probably a mid-winter cold. I decided to stay home with him and "watch" the basketball game (which I believe we lost). Apparently I missed a good meeting from the sounds of it and will get all caught up today with the ladies.

I'm off to pick up April on my way in and to enjoy a day of laughter and fabric. My life is awesome!

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