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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Monday, January 4, 2016

One Something

I only completed one block yesterday after returning from moms. We always say we're only going to be a few hours, and nearly a whole day later we finally return home. She's so much fun and we laugh a lot when we get together.

I did manage to get another block cut out and ready to piece, but for now, this is about it.

Feed and Seed
The weather is not playing nice this morning. It looks like my trek to Jackson is going to have to wait until another day.

I'll long arm some (Stitcher's Garden), piece some (Farm Girl), and pack for camp a little bit too. Jim has already headed off to work and the house is eerily quiet. Thank goodness for Pandora and an excellent sound system to keep me company today.

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