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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baker's Dozen

I found this pattern a few weeks ago and attempted it with whatever scraps I had downstairs. After having four or five of the panels done, I was not pleased at all with the results. Call it scrap burnout I guess. My scraps are becoming repetitive and I'm in the need for some new materials I think.

I remembered that my mom purchased several charm packs for me at Christmas and knew that one of them was a brightly colored pack called Cuzco and decided that these fun fabrics would probably look nice in this quilt rather then the subdued scraps I tried the first time.

I liked the initial results when I started remaking the panels and decided I needed to make a trip to the Marshall House to obtain the remaining fabric to complete the panels; and of course the rest of the top. I decided to use a white polka dot I had laying around in my yardage shelves for the background, so I only needed one or two more charm packs and the teal and dark green for completion.

This is the result of my undertaking.

I think Jim felt sorry for me after reading my last post and accompanied me to the Marshall House for an additional project. He knew that Baker's Dozen wouldn't keep me going for the whole week (I had it completed on Monday night actually) and asked what I wanted to make next.

I absolutely love a trial of the New York Beauty I attempted last summer (see above). These are the four blocks I assembled and it lives on our sunporch wall. I admire that piece often and have always wanted to make at least a small quilt with this stunning pattern. Jim and I discussed a few color options and the fact that our living room wall needed a new quilt to hang since the current quilt sports more of the Christmas-y look. We decided together to purchase fabric to at least do a smaller version of Peggy Martin's Autumn Splendor in the New York Beauty format.

I have 12 of the 16 blocks currently done and think the Japanese prints we purchased for the background will go very well with our butter and burgundy colors in the living room. More to come...

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Our robins have returned and unfortunately for them, winter has not left. We awoke this morning to a new blanket of snow and I can not see them finding many worms in it. 

This week studio work has been light. First, the studio has become unbearably cold for me to endure. Perhaps it's my age, but even with the dryer going and my little heater (which isn't heating very well actually), I still find my nose running and my fingers becoming numb after only a few hours. With the dreary weather, it's hard to get myself motivated to get down there. And...I don't really have much going on. 

Second, my fabric stash is becoming kinda light and it's getting harder to work with the same fabrics over and over and over. I feel like a dark cloud has settled. I still feel really creative, in fact, I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I feel like I should start writing them all down, but with limited resources, it's hard to not keep producing the same "type" of product since there are limitations and very little flexibility left in medium.

I did go shopping with mom this week and found two new fabric store resources in Mason. It's always fun to find new patterns and fabric, but I'm on a short leash (again) and so could only pick up a pattern that who knows when I'll be able to create. Don't know why I keep finding all these wonderful things to do but have nothing to do them with?

Our quilt guild sew in and show is today. I'm obviously not there. I do have a few quilts entered for the community to view, but because my truck has to be dried out for Tardis movement later, and I'm not sure when Jim will be coming home, had to stay close to the house for later transport of people and things. 

Here are a few small things I made over the last week or so. Maybe spring will be here soon and I can once again come out of the darkness and into the light of my sewing?!?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breaking the Rules

My rule is to never post a quilt here on my blog until it is completely finished. I have to break that rule. I have the rule in place so I can keep track of what has been completed and not duplicate posted quilts. However, I feel it will be a while before the following two quilts are actually quilted (due to our current "wedding" situation causing shortness of time and resources), so I'm going to let you see what I've been doing for the past two or so weeks.

First, the quilt below is actually finished. This is our second scrap squad quilt and will be featured on the Quiltmaker blog in a few months. I did this prior to starting the other two. I did the quilting myself since it's about a crib-sized quilt. Maybe the first grandchild will receive this-not that there are any in my near future.

The "Beast" or aka Jay
The second project was for fun. Since my purchase of said "Beast" aka, Jay, I haven't had time to get to really know my newest sewing studio addition. While I've played with him and discovered how to oil, thread, bobbin wind, etc. I haven't been brave enough to use him in a complete project.

I wanted to do something forgiving during my learning curve and identify his scant 1/4" seam. I was perusing on line and stumbled onto Quilty with Mary Ann Fons and she gave me a great idea. Wonky Log Cabin. How much more forgiving can you get then that? Remember, this quilt is not quilted, but the top is on the piano waiting to go to Akay Creations.

Here are a few of the blocks up close.

Isn't this quilt just so much fun?

The second project has been ongoing for about a month or so. It was featured in the March/April Quiltmaker magazine and I've been calling is Star Spinner.  I just needed to get to the quilt store and purchase the fabric for the setting triangles and borders before I could finish it out. I wanted something a little consistent since I pretty much used all the yellow I had in my stash.

I absolutely adore this quilt for its bright colors and whimsy. It was a fun project to delve into whenever I needed to change gears from whatever else I was working on. There are many, many half square triangles in the quilt, and some of them aren't exactly going in the direction they were supposed to go, but the quilt was pretty forgiving in the errors of my ways, thankfully.