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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Since I've decided to not do the Craftsy BOM this year, nor did I opt to take part in the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, I have decided to go ahead and do the 365 day block challenge. The author of this challenge posted a lot of color way options, but quite honestly, what enticed me to do the actual project was the initial colors she presented in the challenge: Blue and brown.

I have the most of those colors in my stash and didn't want to have to purchase too much additional fabric to have to complete this amazing quilt. Since yesterday was already five days into the year, I had some catching up to do.

Oh, it wasn't five days for us (four actually), but the lady who is sponsoring this challenge is from Australia. They are 14 hours ahead of us. When I wake up in the morning the email from said lady is already in my in box with complete construction instructions included.

Here are the some of the fabrics I pulled from my 16 block bins already.

Sorted into Dark, Medium, and Light Values
There are several more blues and browns in the short stack bins as well as the long cuts, but we'll start with these first to try to eradicate some of those scraps that have been hanging around here.

My first five blocks
She is starting us out easy and will work her way into more complicated blocks as the year rolls on.

I long armed after I completed these missing five days and then after a late lunch, started back into the Farm Girl blocks. I completed three yesterday.

Fresh Pears
The sun is out today and I plan on running to Jackson later this afternoon with Jim to check out the Juki machine. Meanwhile, I'll continue to long arm (thread colors now up to 14 on Stitcher's Garden), and do my BOD (Block of the Day). If time permits, perhaps I'll get a few more Farm Girl blocks done.

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