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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I Love My New Guild

What an absolute hoot! It's so good to laugh and socialize with these amazing women! And the talent and community involvement is far above any other that I would have expected. I have been given the task of completing a baby quilt with some leftover donated scraps so I'll take care of that sometime over the weekend.

The Christmas project I've been working on is coming along so well. I inserted the vertical sashing strips yesterday and will continue with the horizontal strips today...if I have time after my painting adventures downstairs.

I picked up (hopefully) the correct paint last night before guild and will be down in the depths of the basement once again to work on my circles. My earlier goal was to have this room completed prior to weekend so I only have today to finish. Don't know if I'll make it or not. If not, no worries since nobody else really gives a hoot whether I finish it or not. Right?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christmas in September

Many of my family and friends ask why it is I'm starting Christmas things in September. My reply is, "December is too late to begin Christmas things." So there you have it.

Today's completion wasn't actually even a "want to" kind of thing until I stumbled upon it on Friday last week. It only took a day or so to finish even though it has some hand embroidey within its schema. I procured this pattern from my wonderful friends at Connecting Threads through their available free downloads.

Tomorrow I have to go pick up the correct paint for my hand painted circles I'll be putting in the improved downstairs bathroom and hopefully within the next few days between my painting venture, I can finish the other Christmas thing I mentioned on a previous post.

I have a larger-ish wall hanging to finish the hand binding on and hopefully we'll squeak that in too?!? Did I mention my quick little "Life's too Short" pic? Here it is.

I forgot to mention the birds too. I made these 10 little birds to just have hanging around the house. I'll get a pic of them tomorrow maybe and share those as well. They turned out just darling as all get out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More then Quilts

I found a few little decorative/quilting projects to do in the internet Friday morning. It's always a good thing to find this stuff. Then, I received a phone call from one of the cousins and she informed me of a lady in Charlotte who was selling a bunch of quilting fabric! Yeah!!! Jim had to head home this afternoon for a tooth extraction so we headed to the yard sale to check out what Amber Lynn called me about. Wow! What a find! We picked up about 33 yards of fabric and a few miscellaneous bags of fat quarters, as well as a bag of really cute scraps. I'll use the scraps in my two new patterns I found that morning.

Meanwhile, Jim's nephew called and said they were coming back to Michigan the second weekend in October. Yes, they'll be staying with us. Where are we going to put them (upstairs or down since they're bringing not only Owen (their son), but their nephew as well? Since there's more room downstairs, we settled on that. Dilemma though! Ugly bathroom/utility room down there.

I had been grumbling about this room since we moved into this house. I hated going in it and tried to think of some inexpensive way to improve its looks. We came up with some ideas that weren't going to break the bank and took off with what we came up with.

The whole "renovation" is going to come under $100. First we had to paint the ceiling. Thankfully, Jim handled that daunting task because we used a pounded green to make all the wood, piping, etc. more uniform in color.

After he left for work on Monday, I continued to paint all the walls a very stark white. What a huge difference!! However, since the walls were a very bright and imposing yellow, it was clear one coat was not going to be enough. Today I had to apply the second coat.

I then fashioned what I'm called swags for the ceiling. They are random lengths and widths of fabric to drape from truss to truss to create some esthetically pleasing effects intermingling with the pip works above. The fabric I used has a white background but with various colored circles within it. Once I pinned those up, the room started really taking shape.

My painting from this morning was dry after hanging the swags so I could now start painting bright circles throughout the room to break up the stark white walls and add to the playfulness of our makeover. However, the paint I picked up this morning between projects was the incorrect paint type. I then began rethinking just how to do these circle-things on the walls. I thought maybe some fabric circles instead of painting, but then after talking to Andrew, decided to maybe just do some quilted wall hangings instead.

Funnily enough, I saved a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on doing circle quilts just recently. A sign maybe? I'll do a few blocks tomorrow and see what becomes of my efforts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Too Long!

Okay, so I haven't been very diligent in corresponding lately. I have no excuses except perhaps that my Mac decided to eliminate the blog shortcut in my menu options (or whatever). Still no excuse though because I did have it written down right here next to me on my pile of other useful computer information.

Anyway. I have been pretty busy with not only family things (graduation, open houses, reunion, etc.), but my quilt making process. Well, only the tops (still) but all in all, the weather hasn't kept me away from making more and more tops.

I think the piano has around 27 at last count. Time for the long arm!!!

Not only did I complete a top for Jim's niece and her new husband over the last two weeks in July, I also made a new quilt for me for our bed. It's called Snake in the Grass. I have also completed one of next years fair entries called Under the Bigtop.

Last week I completed two fall table runners and this week I've worked on a new Christmas wallhanging and on a Christmas quilt that I shall not get too specific about because it may become a gift. We'll have to wait and see what reactions are during the holiday season.

Amongst all of the above mentioned projects, I continue to do my two Craftsy blocks of the month as well as my Quiltmaker test blocks for the book coming out next spring. Let me see...anything else? I did take an afternoon out to do some decorating things. I made a little wallhanging that says, "I am a Quiltmaker, not a Seamstress" for my studio and I chain pieced a whole bunch of yellow (and a few orange) triangles to decorate the sunporch with; thank you Amy Gibson for the idea. They turned out really cute!

Laura (my machine, not my future daughter-in-law) was a little under the weather during the last of July. She was gone for a week and her little "issues" are still issues right now (auto threader and sensor for bobbin not working, still squeaking in the needle up position), but nothing that prevents me from sewing. Just little things that make sewing easier when you have them.

Tonight, I finally stepped out of my box and ventured out beyond the house. I attended a meeting for an organization called Experience Art in hopes of beginning a community band (or orchestra, or whatever they decide to do). From there I headed to the Yarn Garden and signed up for a knitting class. It's on my bucket list and I figured the teaching jobs just aren't pouring in like I'd hoped. That class begins in early October. I went one step further and explored a new quilting guild in Charlotte who call themselves the Across the Square Quilters. I am so very excited about this guild because it's nearby and the ladies there an absolute hoot. I haven't laughed so much in such a very long time. They meet every Thursday and I look forward to attending as many weeks as I can! I was so impressed with the group I joined right there and then so I wouldn't miss any future fun!