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...the only thing scarier then reaching out to the unknown is settling for that with which we are comfortable.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Join a Guild

I get out very little. In the winter, I'm afraid to drive on slick and dangerous roads, although this never used to be the case. I think moving to Arizona for those three years spoiled me and since then have developed a "driving in adverse conditions" phobia.

In the spring/summer/fall I find getting out easier, but have so much to do with other activities around the house that to get away to some yard sales seems to be the extent of it. Therefore, I joined a quilting guild. Two actually. However, one of the guilds is quite a drive and therefore, only attend half the year. And, they only meet once a month anyway.

The other guild is closer. A mere nine miles away and we meet on a weekly (or more) basis. Meetings are most every Thursday and the membership count is not so huge not to know everybody. We do other meetings too to include a monthly sew-in whereby we sew charity quilts on Friday and then do our own personal (or whatever) things on Saturday. We also have a number of members who open their homes up for additional Monday sewing.

It's great to talk and share with others while doing something I absolutely love. On special weeks we get guest speakers in to share their quilting accomplishments and ideas and occasionally we get a class to broaden our quilting horizons. We have our own Quilt University to teach our particular skills each year, and there are various other activities we throw in too (challenges, techniques, show and tell, UFO auctions, etc.).

Because of the guild, I find myself more motivated. There are days when I want to go in one direction (starting another project usually) and I know I have a charity quilt I SHOULD be doing instead; or completing something the members saw me begin and will want to see the end result of. It keeps me a bit more focused on what I need to finish rather then starting another 'new' something.

For them I am grateful. Here is one of the projects that when I started was very gung-ho about, but after a few days and very little accomplished, was ready to put aside for a while to start something else. But, I committed myself by sharing a picture of this project to other members and thereby, holding myself accountable for my said desires.

This is called Dancing Ribbons. The finished quilt is only about 12" square, but it took nearly as long as a full-sized "easier" quilt to complete. Six days total. It's one of my favorite pieces now and I have my fellow ASQ members to thank for it now being displayed as you enter my home.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Spring has come, and gone, and come again, and gone again. I see a pattern here. It's like they say in the show M*A*S* with the winter clothes, on with the summer clothes. Off with the summer clothes, on with the winter clothes. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The good side to this is during the turbulent weather changes I get a lot of quilting done between the yard work weather.

As promised before, here are the two fabric books and Veggie Tales pillow to match I completed a few weeks ago. When Andrew came home for Ben's graduation last week, there was much discussion about who would end up with the Veggies Tales stuff. All three of the boys STILL like them despite their ages.

This quilt has been a thorn in my side. Not because it was too awfully difficult, or that I was struggling with the colors. It was because it was started way back in February and then tabled it for a while. After coming back to it a few months later, it seemed like I had already put a significant amount of time into it and barely had the first 1/4 of it completed.

There are 208 paper pieced blocks within the main top and the seams seemed to be difficult to press out during construction. I finally found a way to overcome this obstacle, but it took the last two rows to figure out that sometimes our quilting "rules" needed to be bent just a bit.

I'm still working on whether I want to do something else within that last dark border...but I'm awaiting word from my fellow Scrap Squaders to see what they think.

This is charity quilt #3. It's only in design format right now because I'm still not sure what to do with it. Do I sash it? Super border it? Leave it as is and just let it become a baby blanket even though it isn't really baby blanket colors? I'm seeking the advice from my ASQ members to see what their input is on this is as well.

I saw the design on Pinterest and improvised my own way of doing this particular quilt, BTW.

The center of this quilt was featured on Missouri Star Quilt Companies latest YouTube video. Jenny Doan is so funny and I try to at least do a small "something" she teaches. Because my mom loves to buy me all those fun precuts and Jenny loves to feature them, this was a perfect project for her latest.

I had two similar batik charm square packs and wanted to make a larger-then-table topper quilt (frankly, I have enough of those around here), so I came up with the extra borders surrounding the main middle section to finish the quilt out at around 56" square. It'll now make a nice couch quilt rather then merely collecting dust on my table. I'm calling this one Window Panes.