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Friday, January 29, 2016

Mr. Zipper

Isn't this little guy so darling?

Mr. Zipper
Carolyn, from The Hen House, made him yesterday between visit #1 and visit #2. She gave me the pattern and he'll definitely be on my to-do list soon. She constructed him entirely from hand (no machine sewing, yikes!) so perhaps next week she can talk me through the process?!?

My other errands yesterday produced more Stitcher's Garden homework, a few more quilts coming in for quilting, and some "How Cute's" on my Very Hungry Caterpillar. As I said yesterday, no work in here, but lots of networking out there in the world.

On a wish-list note: I test drove the Juki at Crusty Stitches and they too are now Bernina dealers. I actually sewed with them side-by-side and while I actually like the Bernina a smidge better then the Juki, it seems a little to "girly" for what I'm going to be asking of this machine. I have to keep in mind the purpose for my purchase and the Juki is truly a work horse; which is what I'm looking for in the machine traveling all over the state to sew and quilt. Now all I need to do is find a home for Laura. Once that's done I can bring in the new member of my sewing family.

On to my days happenings. It seems really quiet today so far. I'll enjoy the peace and simply embrace the day in the studio rather then out on roads, which by last night, were horrid.

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