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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Ready

I'm so excited for quilt camp! Have already been on the phone with everybody to snug up our meeting time and location. It looks like the weather is going to behave so hip, hip, hurray!

While I'm working in here today I need to grab stuff after I work with it, to make sure I get it all packed up. Wouldn't want to be stuck up in the boonies without supplies.

Here is my BOD from yesterday.

Day #6
I only completed one block from Farm Girl yesterday, and it was the last thing I did for the day.

Grandma's Quilt
After long-arming and lunch, Jim decided he did not want to head to Jackson to look at the Juki. I noticed when coming down the hallway to inquire about his desire to stay home, a Christmas wall hanging that needed to come down. I then remembered, the only other one to replace it with was something spring-y. I needed to make a skinny quilt to take the place of the Christmas Candlestick.

I started in on something winter-y and not Christmas related. Everything was going along fairly well until this...

Binding Shortage
Ya gotta love being short on a binding, don't ya? I guess being short on a binding is way better then being short on a backing.

At any case, here is yesterday afternoon's accomplishment.

Happy Snowflakes
Jim said they look like Olaf from Frozen. I guess they kind of do.

Long arming today (hopefully, only one or two more days on Stitcher's Garden), BOD, Farm Girl, and pack, pack, packing everything up. Barb and Toni are taking four things to work on. I think I'll be taking about that many; let's see...
1) Arcadia Avenue to finish
2) Sugar Block blocks from 2013 (being done as a quilt-as-you-go)
3) Daily BOD
4) Farm Girl Vintage and
5) Winter Scene embroidery for night time hand work while visiting with all the girls.

It would be great if I could take DW along but since that's not possible, we'll try, try , try to get that done today before leaving.

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