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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mail Call

I love getting my quilt magazines in the mail. It's like Christmas when I do. All the possibilities and fun projects just itching for me to make. It seems the patterns and fabrics available are ever increasing and I don't think in my lifetime, I'll ever be able to complete all that I want to.

Like Farm Girl Vintage. I couldn't wait to delve into this project when it arrived in the mail, and now the block making process is complete. Here are the six blocks I had left to make.

Wooly Sheep, Hollyhocks, and Tablecloth

Lolly Pops, Hearts-a-Flutter, and Windy Pinwheel
I'll put these together this weekend with the girls.

I want to make a set of new placemats for our eating area table. Since the holiday placemats were removed, the table seems rather bare.

There are a number of other areas also bare with the holiday trimmings removed. The Grinch advent calendar was on the back of our front door and now the bar hangs empty.

The stockings hanging from our shelf/quilt rack are tucked away and I want to make something new to hang there (the two quilts that usually occupy that space are becoming rather stale to me). Yet, in the back of my head, I should actually be quilting Barb's charity quilt today instead of farting around making new stuff.

Oh, the dilemma's!

My BOD didn't come up until later yesterday and was skipped until today. I'll start with the two units this morning and see where the day takes me after those are completed.

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