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Friday, January 22, 2016

Friends-Good and Bad

Lots to do today.

I picked up two additional baby quilts last night to long arm.
I am behind on my BOD's by three days.
I have the Lana quilt to start.
One of our guild members brought in a Very Hungry Caterpillar pattern for me to play with.
Another guild member brought in her circle templates I want to fool around with.
AND, I have one more dog bed to make before running up to the Humane Society later this afternoon.
I just got off the phone with mom, and she's planning on stopping by later today too. Has anybody figured out how to stretch the hours in a day to more then 24?

Here's what I finished (and all I did again) yesterday.

Vicki's Goodnight Irene
On another note: A few other guild members were at the HH last night before going over to our meeting. Long story short, there was some whoo-haa at last weeks business meeting about the quilt show our guild puts on every year. Apparently I was the center of some of the discussion(s) and I'm not sure how I feel about folks dissing me behind my back. If I could be granted three wishes, I think one would be for people to talk to your face and not be allowed to utter your name without you present. I will not dwell on this, it just saddens me that people I consider my friends are there not only stabbing the knife in my back, but turning the blade as well.

I cherish the friendships I have. I am truly fortunate to have the few close friends I do have and am so  (so, so, so) thankful they have the (pardon the language here) balls to come to me and let me know exactly what's what. Thank you Carol R. for being one of those friends. I love you and am so glad you know how to "handle" me and keep me in line. I know I'm not the easiest person to wrangle, but you have a great way of doing it and I thank you again for our friendship!!!

For those of you who don't have the courtesy of coming to me personally (either by phone, in person, a letter, a private FB message, etc.) I feel sorry for you. I pity you. I only hope you can find true happiness before it's too late because frankly, life is too damn short to be this pissy with somebody (anybody) especially when you don't know all the facts or the circumstances in which you're making inappropriate comments about; especially those who thought you were their friend.

Okay, rant done. I'll get back to what puts me in my happy place and move on with my life. I LOVE QUILTING so I'll keep on keepin' on!

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