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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday when we headed to Mason to pick up the two row patterns/kits from local quilt shops, we learned one of them had severe smoke damage as the result of the restaurant next door having a fire the previous evening. Electricity was off at the location, but they were selling RxR's out on their back deck.

Later last night, we learned that the quilt shop we stopped at last yesterday, underwent tornado conditions having an EF1 hit about six blocks away from their store. Straight-line winds of 100 mph and severe damage to the whole of downtown resulted in the town being closed until further notice.

Weird weather, weird week so far.

Our electricity blinked off and on during the course of the evening and into the night last night. The lightning was unreal and the amount of water we received resulted in our basement taking on what the soil could hold no more. We are saturated.

Today, between washing towels used to contain the seeping water, I'll long arm April's firehouse quilt, and perhaps, start getting into those rows.

Last night I did load Aprils quilt and here it is on D Dubs.

Firehouse Quilt for April
 The quilt gains momentum as you get further into it, so the pic doesn't do it justice.

The BOM from the Guild
After I loaded that quilt I remade the BOM's we were given a month ago to complete for this upcoming Thursdays meeting. I didn't like the colors I did the blocks in last time and decided to rethink/reconstruct with different colors. I like these much better.

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