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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Darn Crows

We have a "herd" of crows nesting in the Locust grove west of the house. I think they believe waking me up at 6:30 in the morning is the right thing to do. I'm thinking this is not the right thing to do and if this keeps up, they'll be seeing some buckshot in their behinds this weekend.

The plus side to the darn crows is I'm up earlier, in the shower earlier, and chores are done earlier, meaning I'm in the studio earlier. Since today is guild day, I can only work in here until 6:00 or thereabouts so I won't be so overly tired even after getting up two hours early.

Here is Ginormous Hexagons all finished!

Ginormous Hexagons
Sorry the pic is sideways. I tried fixing it in my iPhoto, and it looks okay there, but aside from erasing this blog and reposting, it won't turn around the correct way.

I worked on my Beachy Bovines a bit yesterday. The first girl cow is buttonhole stitched. It took longer then I thought so I'll tackle a cow when the mood strikes me.

Since DW is now naked, I can either: 1) Load up Total Eclipse since I have backing for it and it's sitting there all pressed and ready, or 2) Impress the hell out of the guild folks and have my row by row completed by next Thursday's meeting. But, the RbR is still in the I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-it mode. Remember, the key rows are too long and I'm not sure how to fix them.

I cut the fabrics out for the next section of my selvedge quilt. They'll be dark green. I also drafted Valerie's quilt top out more to figure yardage requirements then actual placement of pieces. I only have one tan with the three yards I need, but Jim took a look at what I selected out of the stash and he said with my quilting the woodgrain in it should work fine.

Now, to get busy.

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