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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Sometimes I feel like a construction worker building a house. Things have to be done in a certain order and sometimes items completed have to sit for a spell until T's are crossed and I's are dotted. Quilting this quilt seems just like that.

I have marked this quilt during the quilting process and I feel like rolling the quilt while it's wet is not the right thing to do. Cotton is an organic substance which both shrinks and stretches when water is applied. After I quilt a marked motif, and before the quilt is rolled, I spray the markings out to ensure none of them are overlooked after the quilting process is completed.

After spraying I like to make sure the quilt is completely dry before moving on. I think that's why this smallish quilt is taking so long to quilt. Each day I do a row and then spray it, let it dry, and then find myself getting involved in something else; I then find myself moving out of the "long arm zone".

Did I mention I LOVE doing feathers now? Love, love, love them! Small. Big. Micro. Giant. Bring
'em on I say because with all the practice and instruction I've received, I feel like I want to do them all the time. This particular quilt lent itself to several and here's the start of one of them:

Yesterday, while Jim was working on that darn ceiling fan in the kitchen, I long armed and then moved to my next phase of Total Eclipse. Judy Niemeyer quilts are certainly not quilts you complete in a day. 20 sections took me until mid-evening to complete and I worked diligently (no YouTube even) to get them completed before Jim returned with his trailer last night.

On to phase three today; background blocks and strips and getting it on the design wall. This should be interesting. I've only pieced each section individually and haven't put the two sections together yet to see what they look like. It may turn out to be total crap, but thankfully, batiks are pretty forgiving when combining them together and it should come up with a pretty good turnout once on the wall.

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