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Saturday, June 27, 2015

More RxR

No pics today and a very short blog.

RxR top is completed! I added a wide border to the top and bottom to even out the measurements. It was actually 10 inches wider across the width and that looked stupid.

Prior to running to Lansing to assist the kids in their furniture move, Papa and I stopped by The Hen House to select a backing and binding. Since the quilt will be on display (hopefully) for a few months at a shop of my choosing, I wanted to have a nice back and binding to go with the overall theme of the piece.

Today we will actually celebrate Fathers Day for Jim. The kids are coming out and Papa will be home from work. I've already ran to the grocery store, prepared food for everybody for later on, and now I get to play until around noon. My goal is to get RxR loaded and started so I can concentrate on it more later tonight and tomorrow during the day. Perhaps if the boys are ambitious and assist with the kitchen floor, I can work on it for a bit while they're here too?!?

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