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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Winner!

This quilt was the third quilt into the RxR 2015 experience country wide; and it was mine! For that I received a nice little prize package from the shop where it will be displayed until October and of course, it's The Hen House.

Row by Row H20 2015
I have already received several comments and congrats on the web and am grateful my work is being appreciated. It's finished. It was a great experience. But I think if I participate next year, I'm not going to put so much pressure on myself to complete it in such a short time.

I feel like everything else in my life was on hold for a week and after going back through my studio when returning home yesterday, found it to be true. I have so many things in the works right now that were just completely chucked aside. I was a nervous wreck during the whole process because I wanted to make sure it was a nice piece knowing it was going to be on display for the "inspectors" to look at.

As I'm writing this, I noticed I still had Jelly Baby's tentacles bundled up to make sure they weren't taken up in the binding process. Those are supposed to be hanging down as they are now that the quilt has been delivered.

Once I decompressed, yesterday afternoon I did a few test blocks on some of the patterns I have here waiting in the wings to become something. Thursday when I go "spend" my prize money at the shop, I'll know what to add to my fabric library because I've settled on a pattern I purchased at The Hen House a few weeks ago called Radiant Suns made mostly with bright colors. I'm lacking brights in my stash so adding to them will be fun!

Once test blocks were completed I got back into Beachy Bovines. The cows are all sashed and now I'm on to the little checkered borders. These are going to take a while! I think I need to get Total Eclipse on DW too. Perhaps I'll load that later today.

The fair is right around the corner and wrapping my head around what, from my quilt stash, I'm going to submit for entry has to be thought about. I need to go through those soon because I have to take them to moms on Sunday. She has to submit for me this year because I'll be at the DeGroot Reunion  during the submission time.

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