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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Showering Experience

Here's something new to try. Take the shower head off the tube thing coming out of the wall on your shower. Now, turn the water on and take a shower. Talk about invigorating.

I didn't necessarily want to shower this way this morning, but Jim broke our rain shower head last night and the previous shower head we replaced was long gone so a new shower experience is off my bucket list.

Yesterday was RBR day. Here it is on the frame and I've already started doing some of the prelim quilting.

Kitchen Row by Row
This project took up most of the morning and afternoon. Once the evening started, I moved along to a few more cows. All the girls are buttonhole stitched and I started on the guys when Papa finally arrived home for the evening.

Jim's sister and BIL are coming for a visit this afternoon. We haven't purchased groceries in two weeks, and of course, we need to obtain a new shower head. I have to tidy up a bit around here and then we'll be off to shop and then come home for our visitors. This means virtually no work in the studio today (unless Jim's siblings want to see me quilt or show any interest about what it is I actually do around here...highly unlikely, but there's always hope).

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