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Monday, June 8, 2015

New Project(s)

Sunday was actually small project day. Lily needed a new mat to put her dishes on and I created this yesterday. She's much happier having her food and water back where they belong.

Lily's Food and Water Mat
From there I started drafting my next selvedge quilt. I have a plethora of selvedges guild members have been saving/giving to me and I'm ready to start digging in to them. Here's the design I finally settled on.

Drafting a new design
I wanted to start sewing it together last night after cutting out my initial triangle shapes to use as a foundation, but found out I had absolutely no white thread in my inventory. I had a light grey, but no white. So I measured and cut the first colorful shapes to go with the selvedge pieces so they'll be ready to incorporate into each of the blocks today.

This morning, before we had to run into town to pick up the missing white thread, and to have our annual physicals, I also got this little pattern out Carol R. gave to me to begin. Ya can't have only one project going; it's against the quilting law you see.

I have all the shapes traced out on to my fusible web and can work on this later too.

Beach(y) Bovines
When we were in picking up that darn thread, we also searched for a possible backing fabric for the Total Eclipse piece. We found one and after getting it home to match with the top (which we forgot to take along) I think it will work out okay. Not perfect, but good enough.

So, this is why I'm blogging late today, but hey, I have to get at those selvedges and crank up some tunes while doing it.

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