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Monday, June 22, 2015

Country-Wide RxR (Row by Row)

Since I used RBR to refer to the guild's Row by Row project, I'll change to RxR for the country-wide event. It'll keep everything straight in my head (hopefully).

Here is what we were able to get today (ignore upper left corner 'cause those are something else):

Minus 1
We have all but one because two of our sons called and told us to get home since there are bad storms headed our way. It's probably a good thing we did since we were running out of time for Jim to have to leave off for work.

We had fun visiting with all the shop owners! I really want to start digging into these right now, but I feel like since the day is half over, I would get started and then not put these down into well into the night. Therefore, I will leave them and instead start fresh tomorrow.

April gave me a quilt to throw on DW for the firehouse guys from our very productive sew-in weekend. I'll load that up and get it ready to work on between rows over the next few days.

I want to redo my guild BOM. I"m not at all happy with the colors I selected on the first go-around and I feel like I'll have more excitement about it if I can just get a better color scheme in my head and into the fabric. As long as we have electricity, I'll work on the BOM's because they're due on Thursday night.

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