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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Yesterday started out pretty much as the usual. Despite a horrible nights sleep, I was pretty productive and had so much fun in my little corner of the world.

I started out long-arming and then moved on to phase three of Total Eclipse. Each of the border pieces and the trim to go with them, had to be cut to a specific size by color. Then, phase four; laying out all the pieces.

Design walls are a good thing, but not very effective when the paper is still on the foundation pieces. Each piece had to be pinned (in two places) to keep them up there for a visual looksie. I moved quite a few pieces around and after staring at it for the remainder of yesterday and last night, seem pretty pleased with how it's laid out. Today I get to start painstakingly putting them together.

Before getting on the design wall
This quilt does not lend itself to just putting up the blocks into rows then sewing everything together. Each block has to have multiple sews done, as well as some cutting out of a quarter circle to fit the "rays" into each of the border/background pieces. Sound confusing? Good, because it is! This is most of today and tomorrows work.

After I put up the Total Eclipse and ate lunch, the other quilt was dry and here is the finished piece.
Braided in Purple and Yellow
There is one tiny little hold I had to repair after quilting this quilt, otherwise it may have been a fair contender. Too bad, huh? Moving along, I wanted to do something smallish to round out my day and remembered something from two weeks ago at our guild meeting.

Girl Scout Challenge
Katie was interested in some of us making some blocks for a girl scout in the Carolina's who is trying to obtain her gold badge, or status, or whatever it is girl scouts do equal to the eagle scout award in boy scouts. One of our members made a block with that awful blue and yellow combination in it. I had to teach her about correct color combinations. Here's my contribution. Go Green!

Still not satisfied I was ready to leave the studio yet, I then loaded DW up with his newest fashion wear and Ginormous Hexagons are on the frame!

Ginormous Hexagons
I haven't a clue how I'm going to quilt this thing. It'll have to sit while I think on it. I figured, as many times as I'll be going by it while taking pieces off and on the design wall during Total Eclipse construction, should bring forth some creative quilting ideas into my head. Hopefully!

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