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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Now that all our visitors are gone, and now that we have all our strawberry jams finished for the year, I can get back into my least for yesterday and today anyway; tomorrow is Stitcher's Garden in Portland.

My little studio assistant, Lily, is a West Highland White Terrier. Terror is more like it.

We have had rain, storms, and more rain for the better part of a week now. Today, the sun finally shows itself and all the little critters are taking advantage of the clearing weather. Chipmunks are no exception, but Lily had pretty much eradicated them last year.

Apparently the word didn't get out into the chipmunk community that our house is not a safe place to hang out because they're back; and Lily is on the hunt.

Unfortunately, we do not have a doggie door. This means when she sees or hears one, she whines incessantly to go out and chase the intruders away, or if she gets lucky, she actually gets one to reduce the population.

This means up and down or shut down and go around to let her outside (yet again). My progress may be stunted because of her rodent antics?!?

Yesterday was more productive then I fear today will be. Here is some of what is being put into the RBR from the guild contributors.

More of the same today. The countrywide Row by Row starts in less then a week! I wanted to get a feel for how it would be to quilt each row separately (but with a together-ness type of theme). It's a lot of thread changes (which I actually don't mind) and a lot of break thread moments (which I do mind), but it's fun and certainly not boring since each row provides a change of scenery, if you will.

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