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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stitchers Garden; Month 10

Here is our block for our 10th month. I don't know if you can see the detail in the three oval flowers at the top, but they have thread fringe running around the edge of the yellow center. It's so cute!

Stitchers Garden block
Prior to taking off for class in the morning, I clipped the long threads I missed during the quilting process from the back of RBR.

After turning it over to check and see just how square the quilt was, snapped this pic of the top row I added when all the rows came back to me for quilt construction.

DeGroot Kitchen
These were the fabrics left over contributors did not use. I thought they needed to be put somewhere other then back in my stash; this is what I came up with.

After adding this row, the quilt grew substantially. The initial plan was to put it into the entry way of the kitchen but it may be a little too big.

I have Stitchers Garden homework to complete for next month, the binding to get on the RBR pictured above, redesigning and possibly getting the picnic challenge quilt started, get ready for our weekend sew in at the library, and DW is naked...again. Total Eclipse is supposed to get loaded next, but I hesitate to do so since I'll need him free to get the country-wide RBR on later next week.

I don't want to rush Total Eclipse. It's a pretty intricate piece and will require time to make it a true masterpiece. I have a few other not-so-delicate tops I can get on him instead, but we'll have to take a looksie and figure out where we want to head with all of that.

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