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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Messes and Reality

Sometimes a plan on paper doesn't look as good when reality hits. Sometimes it looks even better. How about this for the first set of four blocks in my designed Selvedge Pinwheels?

The first of many
The blue sashes aren't lined up very well on this first go at the design, but I was yapping on the phone with a guild friend while constructing the misshapen quadrant and wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing. It's a scrappy quilt of sorts so I'm going to leave it.

After two of these selvedge blocks, I moved along to my bovine friends. I'm in the midst of construction yesterday and in blows a huge thunder/hail storm in which I shut everything down in here; I needed to start monitoring the basement for water. This is where I left it last night.

Messy Bovines
Here's some quilting detail of one of the Ginormous Hexagon blocks from yesterday morning.

Ginormous Hexagons quilting detail
The hexagon quilt is so much fun to tackle. Each of the large negative spaces allows me to play and experiment with some of the designs I'm still wrapping my head around while forgiving my not-so-stellar moments with the busy-ness of each fabric.

Much of the same will happen today. I'm excited to get hexagons off the frame and get the Total Eclipse loaded. However, I don't think today is going to be that day. There is still a lot of quilt left on the front quilt top bar and who knows how much longer it will take. I'm in no hurry.

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