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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Mary R. stopped by yesterday. It was a surprise, to say the least and a welcoming surprise at that. She dropped off her contribution row to the guild Row-By-Row quilts we've been working on. Now, I'm in a quandary.

The rows are (by far) not the same length. The row that simply has to be in the middle (because of its coloring) is too long, as is the last row as I have it on the design wall. They can NOT be cut back because of the way they are made; it would result in incomplete blocks and this would make the whole thing look stupid.

What do I do? I've selected the sashing and border fabric, which is a red/white checkered cloth tying in the whole "kitchen" theme. I think I need to consult the guild and just lay it out there to get their feedback because I'm truly stuck on this problem.

I was working on these characters when Mary stopped by. This is one of six cows total. This is one of the girl cows and we have boy bovines in the mix too.

Beachy Bovine
All the bovines are fused onto their backgrounds and now we buttonhole stitch them down. One of today's projects (if I get there).

After I finished the cows, I did two more selvedge blocks, giving me the first of nine sections I'm going to do for this particular piece. Here they are laid out (but not yet sewn together).

Selvedge Pinwheels
Before all this sewing occurred, I long-armed. After all this sewing occurred, I long-armed, and Ginormous Hexagons still isn't done. Custom quilting takes a long time to do!

However, I'm seeing light at the end of the roller so maybe today I'll be able to get it under the sewing machine for the binding?

I was also thinking about Valeries quilt yesterday. She wants me to do a book case type of quilt for her and I really, really want to have this ready for her by the reunion; in about a month. I priced wood grain fabric on the web and holy cow, it's expensive. $27 a yard at one location. Most are around $18/yd. I'm thinking I'll just use a wood colored brown and when I do the quilting, put the wood grain in there myself since I know how to do that from our AQS Guild Challenge and my Wanted quilt.

And then there is the paper pieced hexagon block (Arcadia Avenue) I haven't even started yet for June.

So much to do! Happy dance!

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