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Monday, June 1, 2015

No Small Project

Sunday turned into another "no small project" Sunday. We had grocery errands to do in the morning, and then off to moms to pick up fence posts and for a visit. I did work on some hexagons (31) while we were there.

After returning home, Jim fixed the rogue light in my studio and then started installing the new ceiling fan in the kitchen. I started on the second phase of Total Eclipse; the convex/concave larger pieces. They look like this:

Total Eclipse second phase builds
The convex part of these pieces will come when building the quilt blocks themselves. A few of the background fabric pieces will be cut away during the block building process (I think). I love the batiks we picked up at the Hen House on Saturday!

Speaking of which, the Crankers were at the Hen House during our visit and what a GREAT bunch of ladies!!! We thoroughly enjoyed talking with a few of them and had a blast sharing in their cranking experiences as a way of sewing things together. Unfortunately, I'm too uncoordinated to work a crank sewing machine, but it was cool watching them work at their machines.

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